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40 million at hand & still thinking, while the entire gunner nation awaits a quality transfer

We cannot compete with the likes of Chelsea & Manchester United financially said Wenger - Even if we have 40 million at hand, Even if we are the sixth richest club in the world.. How come is this possible? Mr Wenger always minding his pennies, has caused great loss to the club?s success. We could have bought Xabi Alonso & made a dream midfield along with Fabregas for a mere 15 million last season but we felt short & now real Madrid has snatched him from Liverpool by paying a staggering 30 million. So Mr.Wenger was he(Xabi Alonso) not even worth half the amount Real Madrid have paid Liverpool now. Xabi Alonso is the recent case, other very famous players that we have missed out in recent years falling short on our market low bids include Christiano Ronaldo,Messi & Fernando Torres.

Just imagine, if we had those players or even one of them at Arsenal what difference would have that made. The lack of success in recent years & the loss of star players has led to the fact that Arsenal has became the LEAST POPULAR CLUB among the top four in epl.

Arsene wenger may be praised as a good business, selling High quality & buying low quality most of the time!!!!!! . I think Arsene?s inability to keep & manage star players will ultimately lead to us becoming West Ham ? place where future star players start their careers, train & leave the club when they want to . We are no West Ham & Arsenal is not a training ground for stars of Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manu & Barcelona.

Wenger has been a great servant to arsenal no doubt, but the problem is that it is the same person Arsene wenger that made Arsenal & it is the same Arsene wenger who has lead Arsenal to its downfall.

Enough complain on transfers, lets see how the basics of football are going wrong at the Arsenal. Team selection has become such an issue- we have lost twice crucial games to Chelsea in three years because of poor team selection ? Once we lost the carling cup final 3 years back, when in front of a star studded Chelsea side ,Wenger put up a squad that had no Henry, no flamini, no Clichy , no Gilberto. Infact I think it was only fabregas from the first playing eleven who started the game. Yes it was the same squad that thumped Liverpool 6-2 at Anfield a month ago . But this was Chelsea under morinho who had double the stars that Liverpool back then had. And recently the FA cup semi-final defeat to Chelsea, again a star studded Chelsea & we started with no Arshavin , No Nasri who were left on the bench . For what wenger for what? ? Arshavin was not even available in the Champions league, why didn?t he start , oh I get it,it is the rusty diaby who gets injured after each game sure got the preference . These are the only two trophies we have lost in past three years due to poor team selection. And who can forget the undue Preference given to the Striker-wannabe for life ? Bentdner over Carlos Vela who is a way better finisher & has a striker?s touch on the ball who even Adebayor didn?t have.

And now the biggest flaw that is killing Arsenal in every game. -Positioning. I will only talk about defensive position flaws in this article although there are many positioning errors that Wenger makes in using his attacking options.

Lets starts with the back four & with Sagna ? Sagna who is not Dani Alves or Sergio Ramos is allowed to run into the opponent?s half as if he were a winger right to the touch line only to deliver a boring cross that is often immediately blocked by the opponent?s left back or lands on the head of other team?s central defender. And the funniest thing is that Sagna continues to do this even when Walcott is playing as the right winger. And the drawback of all this is that Sagna is not present in the back-four (which becomes a back-three & even back- two) when the counter attack is on.

Now Mr Song who on paper is played as a defensive midfielder , but I haven?t seen a defensive midfielder with that poor passing ability stay so up the pitch .Defensive mid sits in the heart of the field, Song stays a bit wide & up the field. Have you guys seen where lassano diarra, gilberto silva, Xavier Macsherano, Marcus Sienna place themselves- right in the heart of the field . The defensive mid is supposed to take the ball from the defense & give it to the attacking mid or to the wingers. In our case fabregas takes the ball from the defense & song is most of the time ahead of him as if he was the attacking midfielder & that to he does by not staying in the centre i dont believe how Wenger is getting these basics wrong. if this season too like it seems despite lots of cash Wenger doesn?t buy a quality defensive mid i think lohan djourou can do a better job than Song as a defensive mid, he is a better passer & tackler. Song was initially bought as a defender & he is a very good defender, the desperate defending type. In games where we run out of defenders we play song there and the matches Song has played as a defender, we have conceded the least goals.

Last but not Denilson who I don?t know is what to say to. He gave us so much promise, he was going to be the next Fabregas But for the last two years he has been the biggest disappointment. Is he a creative midfielder? NO. Is he a defensive Midfielder ? NO. Then what is his role in the team, He is just there put by Wenger to complete the midfield in a 4-4-2 formation.

Wenger is a class act, no doubt but these days he has become increasingly stubborn, doesn?t see his mistakes & never thinks he is wrong. Dear Arsene , Managers of football clubs are supposed not to run a business like a corporation- you cannot be happy making profits & increasing revenues . Football clubs have Fans & therefore there are sentiments involved ? you have to win trophies & please the fans, buy the best available players & get the results on the pitch, this is what football clubs are supposed to do & Arsenal should not be any different.

Gunners Forever.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more