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By Luis Zelaya

well we are once again looking forward to a new season, so it is an exciting time to be a gunner. on a positive note the emirates cup gave us some satisfactions and it begs to be pointed out that the last time we won it we nearly won the title and i think we should have. we finally saw rosicky play and i have to say i liked what i saw from him, and hope to see more of him since it is obvious he can still play good football. Wilshere is a wonderful player at this age and could become a beast, that is if Wenger decides it is his time to shine in the league, and not only in the fa cup or carling cup. we also saw what will probably become our formation for the new season and it cannot be denied that the boy shines in it, but then again he could probably shine in any formation we might adopt.

it became apparent to me atleast that arshavin will be key for us to win anything this season but the minute we lose him to injury the whole 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 might become obsolete and we might have to revert to a 4-4-2.

I had a couple of issues with our new formation though, as much as i liked it because it seems more offensive and it involves more attacking participation from many players and less reliance on one man. my main concern is having van persie as a main striker and playing bendtner ond the right wing where both players look out of place. their roles should be reversed i think because van persie is more of a supporting striker and bendtner loses most of his effectiveness on the wing and having him there makes it impossible for us to have any real aerial capabaility which is one of Bendtner's main attributes.

We also saw the departures of both adebayor and kolo toure to whom i wish no harm in all fairness since they gave me many satisfactions over the years but i have to say i am a bit relieved they were the ones to go. adebayor became bitter for whatever reason and just stopped pushing himself, and kolo just didn't have the edge we need in defence anymore and made too many mistakes that cost us dearly.

In my last and first article i predicted wenger would only buy a center back and so far i've been proven right but it worries me because we will have to rely on the likes of song, denilson and diaby to fill the role of holding midfielder and from what i saw on the emirates cup or against valencia nothing made me feel like any of them are the right man for the job. and i don't mean to belittle any of them because song has improved a lot, but not enough in my mind. denilson i can't really say because he isn't really an attacking midfielder nor a holding midfielder, and diaby i had high hopes for since apparently instead of going on holiday stayed in to practice and improve his game but he was the same frustrating player he ever was from what i saw.

i also predicted man u, chelsea and liverpool would be weaker and in a way they are, at least man u and liverpool since they sold very important players but chelsea is as strong as ever and i believe they are the ones to beat this season. it will be very hard to take the league from them, and united will do ok because their team is simply very solid, especially in defence. they will have no trouble beating any bottom half teams and will be difficult to beat by top half teams. i do believe the absence of ronaldo in the end is what will cost them the title.

my main concern and the factor that will very likely decide how we fare are our very difficult fixtures in august, both the everton and man u games are away not to mention we have to play celtic in order to get a champions league spot, so there's no room for error and more than likely we will lose a couple players through injury. we can only hope, because wenger will have to give priority to either the league games or the celtic games which are both important and we could possibly face united with already a deficit of 5 or more points since by some miracle their fixtures mean they are likely to get their first nine points out of nine. (birmingham H, burnley A, wigan A).

in any case we will have to play catch-up to them and it is never a situation you want to be in. our season could be over as soon as september in both the premier and champions league.

obviously i believe we have a fantastic manager and a great group of players so i don't think it will be all that bad but don't expect any miracles either. the fa certainly made it difficult for us with those fixtures and easier on other teams but that is no excuse.

but as much as i love Arsenal i will be honest in my opinion that it doesn't seem like we can keep our hopes of winning the league unless we beat both everton and portsmouth and get a draw against united. for that to happen either song or whoever will have to give their all and have an impact in those games. it will also depend much on wengers decisions and the teams he puts out and how he can cope with so many fixtures in so little time. (put bendtner in front center!) (don't use diaby!) sorry about that.

anyway it will be interesting in september to face city 'cause adebayor will play his heart out against us, hopefully he has a terrible game.

don't take me as a pessimist i am only concerned about certain things which i think are fair concerns but i do expect the team to surprise many disbelievers this season especially amongst so called gunners.

as always i appologize for any grammar mistakes or logical or whatever, english is not my native language. best of luck to everyone and feel free to crucify me for any of my theories which i will accept right now i'm probably wrong about many things.

until next time

Luis Zelaya.

Mean Lean's Response

Hi Luis,

I would like to say thank you for a balanced article, good to see fans pointing out what is right and not just what they see wrong with our team. I agree with many points and disagree with a few.

Our new formation can certainly work without Andrey Arshavin who obviously improves that formation and our team no matter what system we play because he is world class. Many players can play in the system because it allows the players to interchange and not be stuck in one area of the pitch. The likes of Rosicky, Wilshere, Vela, Walcott, Van Persie and Bendtner can all play along the front and will all get chances to do so this season.

I also prefer Van Persie playing front the right instead of playing a lone role as it doesn't really suit his game. I was thinking about the reason why he would rather play Bendtner on the right and perhaps it is because he is more mobile and perhaps tracks opposition players back better. I just hope they keep moving during the 90 minutes.

Having the benefit of hindsight, I have just watched the Chelsea game and they do not impress me that much. They are a strong, powerful, functional side but we have a far more talented and technical team. I guess that they will fail when some teams sit back and try and stop them playing. Bloody Drogba tried to cross the ball and it went beyond the keeper in injury time, typical Chelsea luck.

I do not think we are perfect but neither are our rivals, so I believe that we are in with a shout of this title.

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