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By 3rdEYE (MC)

I’m writing this article just to let the goners fans (worried or relaxed ones) share a tomorrow vision of Arsenal FC and trying to see the larger picture.

If we start with a little examination, by raising questions that crossed the mind of all arsenal supporters this pre season:

1. Why Arsene is not buying?
2. Is the Squad strong enough?
3. Why Arsene stayed and refused the dream offer from real?
4. Why Van persie & Fabregas stayed?
5. Why did Arsene addressed the economic crisis ?
6. Why Wenger said this team will rule Europe in 2 years and Does he really knows?

1. If we take a look a Arsene history he’s been described as a coach who "has spent his career building teams that combine the accumulation of silverware with a desire to entertain and attack". He has Wenger has a strong reputation for unearthing young talent without spending. At Monaco, he brought Liberian George Weah, who later became FIFA World Player of the Year and Nigerian Victor Ikpeba, who later became African Player of the Year.

At Arsenal, Wenger signed young, relatively unknown players such as Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Robert Pirès, Nickolas anelka, Kolo Touré, Fàbregas & Robin Van Persie, and helped their transition to become world-class players. according to Peter Hill-Wood, Arsenal chairman, "Arsène's basically spent, since he's been with us, £4m to £5m a year net".

So this answers the question why we are not spending? UNDER WENGER WE NEVER DID.

2. This Squad is one of the best. You just have to take a look from outside to see the whole. Arsene In his history his game has been an emphasis on attack (so he don’t think about defense) & finally after 4 years of experimenting he reached the magical recipe. So forget the media & let’s take a look: From 1996 until 2005 we played 4-4-2 Since 2005 we played 4-5-1. This year & pay attention we will play 4-3-3. This is what Arsene was trying to reach in his 13 years at Arsenal & the formation will be like this:

Van persie (Eduardo/Walcott)
Arshavin (Vella) Walcott (Ramsey/Rosicky)
Nasri (Rosicky/Wilshere) Fabregas (Rosicky/Wilshere)
Denislon (Song/ diaby)
Clichy(Traore/Gibbs) Gallas(Djouro/Silvestre) Vermaelen(Djouro/Silvestre) Sagna(Eboue)

The team is very good at every position u may question one position which is DM Denilson but just take a look at his statistic compared with the top DM in EPL:

Attempted Tackles: Palacios 132, Denilson 128, Barry 125, Mascherano 124
Tackles per game (mean): : Mascherano 4.6, Parker 4.4, Palacios 4.1, Denilson 3.6,
Interceptions: Denilson 155, Mascherano 85, Barry 85, Palacios 83, Kompany 75
Passes: Denilson 2533, Alonso 2473, Mikel 2368, Lampard 2307, Gerrard 1708, Kompany 1677, Parker 1619, Barry 1619, Cesc 1619
Passing Completion: Mikel 90.0%, Essien 88.3%, Nasri 87.9%, De Jong 87.6%, Denilson 87.3%, Song 87.1%,
Assists: 10 – Lampard 9 – Gerrard 8 – Cesc 7 – Denilson

In 21 matches Denilson played we won 20 and draw 1. In 16 matches he didn’t we drew & lost 8.I will leave the judgment to you.

3. Arsene stayed and refused the gigantic offer from Real because he believes in this team & the club. Just simple as that, it’s like when you create something so good it become priceless. He created the Arsenal of today & will complete the picture of tomorrow so this is priceless to him.

4. Van persie and Fabregas stayed because they know what I am speculating, and moreover they know that if they won it with Arsenal they will shock the world of football cause no one have seen it coming from this young squad (call them Kids if you want).

5. Arsene said that the world of football is running towards the crisis, and believe him he got a Master Degree in economics. A lot of clubs like Manutd, Liverpool and others will be in real troubles, and we saw the first signs this season with low spending. Arsenal in the opposite are in the safe side (I will explain in another article & u will be amazed)

6. I titled this Article "Arsenal, The next Ferrari" cause I really believe that this club Is going to become the best of his kind: Great Stadium, Great young team, Great Coach, Great Fan base & financial stability in very unstable time.

So Does Wenger knows? YES!

Mean Lean's Response

We are in a fantastic position both on and off the pitch, I find it difficult to comprehend that other Gooners cannot see this. For some reason many fans of many clubs to be fair link success with spending money. I have read some crazy statements by Gooners such as 'we should spend at least £20 million on a midfield player' what exactly does that mean? We have perfect examples in front of our very eyes and some look straight through them. The likes of Cesc Fabregas, Van Persie, Clichy, Wilshere. Either through the ranks of for very little money. Money that championship sides could pay without any problems.

So I agree with you, Wenger has been doing this all his career. His strength is bringing in young talent and moulding them into top class players. He has been doing this way before he joined the mighty Gunners.

Our squad is strong and multifunctional which makes a massive difference over the course of the season. It seems to be taken as fact that we have a thin squad which is a load of rubbish. Yes, we are not as deep in certain areas but we beat a top 5 team on the weekend without Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Nasri, Djourou, Wilshere and Fabianski.

Cheers 3rdEYE, good to hear some positivity.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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