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By Gooner 79

Right, that’s it. I can’t take this anymore. I’m so angry right now, I feel like going outside, getting into my shiny Golf and running over some pigeons.
We, as Arsenal fans, cannot allow the un-equal treatment of our club by the media and UEFA any longer. This has to stop. I’ve just heard on TalkSport that UEFA have now charged Eduardo for diving. I BEG YOUR PARDON??!! SAY WHAT?? Hang on a minute, since when was this a chargeable offence? I think most sensible Arsenal fans would agree, Eduardo made the most of a challenge which had minimal contact, BUT, there WAS contact. And also it was a player that had his leg broken so badly a year ago that he nearly had to have part of his leg amputated. So when he sees a ‘keeper charging towards him at high-speed, of course he’s going to be looking to ride the challenge.

We all know about the many other regular offenders from other clubs, namely Ronaldo, Drogba, Owen, Gerrard, Kuyt, the list goes on and on. More recently, Ashley Young last night. But there’s been NOTHING mentioned about his offence has there?
I know that I’m ranting, in fact, I’m frothing at the mouth with rage. So please forgive me. But, there is a purpose for me putting this rant into writing. I’m calling for all Arsenal fans on all forums to unite and to put aside the differences that we’ve had over the last few seasons. I’m talking about the so-called AKB (Arsene Knows Brigade) and the CMB (Championship Manager Brigade). We’ve been so caught up in internal politics that we’ve allowed our strength as fans to be diluted. We cannot sit idly by and watch our team be unfairly treated any longer. So this is what I’m proposing:

1) We need to collectively form our own dossier of evidence against other clubs and players guilty of the same offence that Eduardo is being charged with.
2) We need to single out the journalists that have consistently belittled our manager, our club and our players.
3) We need to phone in to all these radio stations that are using Arsenal as a shield for their xenophobic opini
ons. 4) We need to unite, as Arsenal fans, and put a stop to this nonsense.

So let’s get to work, You Tube is a great tool, as well as posting other links on other websites. Maybe even letters or phone calls to the FA, bombarding them until they see that we mean business.

I don’t know why the media have singled out Arsenal for this unfair treatment but I am not putting up with it any more.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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