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By thebigguy

I hate the thought of it but is our great manager thinking of leaving the club at the end of his contract? Personally, I am starting to think this may happen with recent things Arsene has said;

"If they consult me I will give an opinion but I certainly will not name the next manager because that's not my job and I wouldn't like to do anything other than my job."

"When I leave this Club one day I would like to leave it in fantastic shape and give the [new] manager an opportunity to do better."

Why would he be mentioning such things if he has no thoughts of leaving or retiring soon. There is also the time when he asked about the legend Henry possibly returning to the club in the future, and he answered that he could see that happening. This has made me think that leaving the club sooner than we think may be in Arsene's mind. I truely wish I am wrong but with the team being trophyless for 4 seasons now and people starting to ask questions about him (I?m not one of these) and if he should remain manager I?m starting to think its a possibility that he could leave at the end of his current contract (not sure when that is but I?m sure it?s not too far away)

If this was to happen I would hate to see how the club copes without him because I think it would be difficult times for arsenal, first of all finding a manager with the qualities Arsene has, and someone able to work with the board and the transfer budgets Arsenal have.

Also because I don?t know who would be able to come in and keep players at the club, I?m talking about the likes of captain Fabregas who is close to Arsene and has a lot of respect and owes alot to him, and with clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid being interested would he and others like RVP, Walcott, Ramsey, Bendtner and Vela leave because they would no longer be working with AW. In addition, what about the youngsters who AW always gives chances to develop and play in the 1st team, these players may not have the same chances they have if AW leaves and they may not develop into the players they may have done.

Anyway as I said I really hope this is not the case but was wondering what everyone else?s thinks, and who you would like to take over after AW eventually leaves, because I cannot think of anyway one.

Finally I would just like to say congrats to Mean Lean for a great blog and I?ve been reading it for many months now and it?s the only one I find interesting and not a load of rubbish, and this is the 1st article I?ve written and haven?t posted a comment before on any other articles. Congrats again MLs

Mean Lean's Response

Firstly thank you for the kind words and thank you for the article. I briefly read through it last night and my subconscious must have carried it over onto my blog this afternoon, where I wrote a little about what could possibly happen once Arsene Wenger decides to leave Arsenal FC.

If any great manager leaves a club after years of success then it is difficult to replace that manager but even with this being the case, I think it is more complicated with Arsenal. We have set up a whole system based on our managers vision. Finding players in their early teens and then making them better players, attempting to groom them into the first team. This is not a job for any manager. For example should Rafa Benitez take the place of Arsene Wenger then all his hard work would be wasted.

The truth is, we do not know what Arsene Wenger is thinking regarding his future. In recent weeks he has said that he is not ready to quit football and with a squad so young and with players not anywhere near their best I just find it difficult to imagine Wenger walking away for a new challenge when he would love to mould Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey as some of the best players in world football.

Looking further down the line the ideal situation would be, as much as I hate referencing them when it comes to talking about Arsenal is that of Barcelona. They promoted their youth team coach and then won the treble. Promoting from within has many bonuses. such as the players knowing the potential manager, the potential ,manager already knowing how Arsene works. The major drawback in that said person is likely to be lacking in experience and in this job you cannot have someone lacking in experience. There is no You Tube for management, you get thrown into the deep end and it is a case of sinking or swimming. We cannot afford to make a mistake after Wenger, one mistake could see major players leaving the club, Champions League football missed which then impacts on the financial side of the club.

Appointing Arsene Wenger was a major move for the future of Arsenal but his replacement could well be a more important decision.

In the meantime I suggest we all enjoy everything we have with this great man at the helm because as the old saying goes, nothing stays the same forever, one day Arsene will leave the club and someone else will come in but right now lets focus on victories and performances like we showed against Blackburn, a trademark Wenger team.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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