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By Gordon Breen

Ok its that part of the fixture list we've all been casting a eye on for the past month or so & even noticed when the fixtures were originally made known. These next 4 games are crucial and pivotal to how our league campaign shapes out. We all know that after these games we've a better run in than Man U or Chelski.

I was disappointed with the Stoke result on Sunday like us all. There were the obvious negatives like Traore just cannot defend he is essentially a winger (Pompey used him as wingback and winger last season), Denilson is slow as a wet week and more importantly us being knocked out of the FA cup where Liverpool & Man U were already eliminated meant a great chance of that elusive trophy was gone! The positives were we didnt get any more injuries (could be possibly afford any more with these crucial games coming up??!), Campbell looking pretty damn good with an assured display and finally with us being eliminated eases our fixture list with our "brittlefragile" players (note I still wanted to be in the FA cup!)!

Only at the end of these 4 games will we find out whether Wenger was correct in resting the 1st teamer's for Stoke.

In reality if we can come away with 2 wins out of the 4 and just have to avoid defeat in Stamford Bridge I think it will be a very good return. So lets just say we beat Villa, draw Man U, beat Pool and draw Chelski. I honestly do believe if we are within 3-4 points of Chelsea after these sequence of games with a little bit of luck (no more injuries for starters please!) we'll bloddy win this thing! I honestly do believe this. This is coming from a generally cautious fan when it comes to predicting results and trophy outcomes!!

Getting a good start on Wed I think is crucial. We're going to need the Verminator and Gallas tip top, Song strong as ever, Andrei strutting his stuff (he seems to be back ticking again since being moved back to left forward) and Cesc doing his usual over these four games. Last season we let a really good lead slip away up in Villa after what was nothing less than a monumental display by Sagna at right full for 90 mins, so lets not see any leads slip again up there! Best news of Monday had to be Cameroon being knocked out of ACN, so we'd be pretty sure that Song will be available for the Man U game on Sunday. We really need this guys for the Man U, Pool & Chelski game especially.

I'm also hoping that we have Diaby back for those fixtures as those 2 along with Cesc are our best trio for the midfield berths in my opinion. Diaby does have his critics but I rate him and he has come on allot this season. He gives that little bit extra regards physical presence and his carrying of the ball towards our opposition defence offers us something different as most of our players play around the opposition (bar Walcott who has been non existent this season) whereas Diaby just drives at 'em! Dont forget that during these period of games we should have Ramsey (ready to start even tho he was just a sub on Sun), Nasri, Nik B (I doubt he'll start any of these bar maybe our last against Pool seen as he has been out so long) all back. Also hopefully with few more sub appearances Walcott will sharpen up, dont forget guys this lad has had very few mins on the pitch this season, so he needs time but will always be a good outlet as a sub late on with his pace.

So come Wed 10th of Feb around 10pm we'll have a bloddy good idea of where our current crop of players are heading regards a title run in!! At the end of the day its very hard to predict the outcomes of these big games, whoever scores the first goal in these games rarely looses over the years (yes I know we were loosing against Pool and winning in Old Trafford this season but the then turned on their head!) but on average that is the outcome in "big four games". Yes its going to be f'ing nervy times over the next couple of weeks, but lets hope our guys play with the required passion, fight, workrate & attitude as our ability and class will come through naturally along with those.

Squeaky bum time it is Alex....!

Cmon you GUNNERS!

Mean Lean's Response

Bum's are well and truly sqeaking around North London, West London and that Surrey based club begining with M.

We have a very tough set of fixtures starting tonight but there is still plenty of football to play after these four games. The other clubs involved in the race may look across to our fixtures and giggle to themselves but they should wipe the smiles off their faces as they have their tricky games spread out over a longer period, once we come through these then the rest are all winable games, especially given the fact that *contemplates saying it* we are getting our players back from injury.

The way I see these games is a chance to peg the others back and give us a nice smooth home straight whilst the others still have some hills to climb.

I would take two draws against Manchester United and Chelsea and two victories against Villa and Liverpool, although we are more than capable of winning all of those games.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more