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By Redterror04

* Article sent in on 24th Feb 2010

Id like to start by thanking AV for giving me this opportunity to showcase my skills. Right,down to business.

Something that caught my eye on the official website was Theo giving his opinion on our title challenge this year, it seems he is happy for us to slip under the radar, that’s not a bad thing I suppose, I quite like us being called ‘dark horses’, although I really don’t agree with the article when it says he wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m sure he would, if you offered him a choice at the beginning of the season between being 3rd in Feb and dark horses or top and 10 points clear in Feb then it’s a no brainer. But I understand what he’s saying, I think, which is something along the lines, ‘at least we are still in with a chance’.

Nonetheless I don’t think anyone (except maybe Arsene) expected us to be doing what we’ve been doing this season, a lot of the so called ‘pundits’ predicted Liverpool to win the league, Sp*rs to push us out of the top 4 and Birmingham to go straight back down sooo . I remember hearing somewhere that all you need to qualify as a pundit is a shirt and a tie! And after listening to Alan ‘and how many medals have you got?’ Hanson say ‘unbelievable’ too many times to count on MOTD on Saturday I can’t really disagree.

There was only 1 game from the best league in the world last night and unfortunately West Ham couldn’t do us a favour against Manure, I’m annoyed because after they hammered Hull 3-0 and Manure were well and truly beaten by Everton I hoped the hammers could take something from the game. It wasn’t to be as Shrek scored twice and Owen finished em off, it’s useful for them as it seemed fairly routine and improves there goal diff. even more. Also is it just me or does Owen remind you of the kid at school who was a little too clever for his own good, he keeps putting his hand up (scoring goals) and is desperate to answer the question (who should partner shrek for england) but it’s obvious the teacher (Mr. Cappello) isn’t gonna pick him.

It’s unfortunate for him that Fabio (yes I’m on first name terms with him, what of it?) has ruled him out of going to the world cup but that leaves a door open for theo. If theo plays his heart out for the final part of the season then he knows he’s got a much better chance of going to the world cup, and it also means he’d be more likely to help us win things.

Thanks for reading then and hope to see some comments on the same!

Mean Lean's Response

Thank you Redterror04, and no worries about the platform. This is what the Your Vision section is all about.

Being in this position is interesting considering that we were leading the league for the most part in our last title challenge. It is hard to know what the pressure is like either chasing the top or trying to stay at the top unless you are in that position.

As you point out not many people have predicted us to be in the race this year, without any self pats on the back, I was one of the few who said that we were talented enough to be in the race this year and I was a little surprised that we were not involved the year before.

I still believe that we were the best team in the league during the 2007/2008 season and our squad hasn't disintegrated so it was only a matter of time before Hleb and Flamini's replacements bedded into the system and style at Arsenal.

I was totally left scratching my head when these 'qualified pundits' had knocked us out of the top four and in some cases the top five before a ball was kicked. Apparently you can only be classed as a force if you spent big money. Unfortunately Arsene's way goes against the grain and his methods and philosophy cannot be understood so our chances get laughed at and thrown to one side.

I am glad that the team are proving so many wrong, it satisfies me greatly but we are not there yet. In these nine games coming up anything can happen. We have seen so many penalties not given (by accident) and I worry that a referee could not give us what we deserve in one tight game.

The underdog position suits us right now, it means that the team cannot drop off and become complacency, they have to continue to give their all every week because Chelsea and Manchester United are not this invincible force that others portray them to be.

I am crossing my fingers that we can keep winning these games and end the season on top.

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