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By Matt Manners

I am a Gooner and have been since I can remember and this season I have lost a hell of a lot of respect in my fellow Gooners.

Whether they are new fans or old, far too many have jumped on the media bandwagon when things weren't going as planned throughout the season.

'We must buy!' 'That player is sh*t' and 'Wenger has to go!!!!'

Complete insanity!

Not once did any of these complete w*nkers take a moment, a deep breath and have a look around them.

Since Wenger came to the club we have gone from mid-table mediocrity, done two doubles, an invincible season, moved from a crumbling stadium that gave us less revenue than Sunderland and a host of others clubs, moved into a world class stadium and stayed in the champions league for a decade straight! Oh and we get to watch the best 'footballing' team in the world.

But wait a minute I hear you cry. We haven't won anything in 5 years, these weak arsenal fans regurgitating that media drivel we hear everywhere from arsenal haters. Again take a moment, another deep breath.

We were 3 points in front, at the summit, at the top of the pile in 2008 when Eduardo's sock kept his leg from spinning out of St.Andrews - we were right in there fighting. Adebayor went walkabout and we drew the next nine after that and still only finished 3 points off the top! Not exactly a sh*t team.

We made the Champions League Final in 2006, the first time ever and were 18 minutes from glory and 7 from extra time with 10 men for the majority of the game.

Whilst all the Man united and Liverpool fans are protesting as their clubs are in danger of going bust, into administration unless they find a billionaire owner, ours is safe and secure. We don't go to bed at night sweating like City and Chelsea thinking, what if Roman or Khaldoon get bored and want to get their money back? Something the Chavs must really be sweating on after Tuesday night and another Champs League failure. What then?

We have a great club, a manager that any team would pay Arsenal multi-millions for, an amazing stadium and a team that is growing in stature and oozing class! Class that even Messi recognises! We have done all this with no money.

So why don't we start acting like the supporters the club deserves!!! Get behind the team through thick and thin. We have no god given right to win the league each year but because of Wenger we think should. We should be happy that we are allowed such high expectations every season!!

We have eight games to go in the Prem, let's support them hard and loud every minute of every game. Win or Lose! and trust me Europe will be worried about us in the Champs League.


Mean Lean's Response

Nice post mate and I certainly look at our club through the same vision as yourself. It has become quite apparent that a large divide has been slashed down the middle of Arsenal fanatics around the country and indeed the world.

The negativity seems to have vanished into a puff of smoke in the last few weeks. Through sections of the season I have been reading how Wenger's policy has failed and he should either spend or leave. All of a sudden it has gone all quiet on that front.

I think the problem is that many seem to forget why they support the Arsenal in the first place. Supporting Arsenal isn't just about winning trophies, it isn't just about bragging to your Manchester United friends about how many trophies we have won. You cannot (well you can, but you should be shot if you did) just swap teams if Arsenal haven't won a trophy in 6 years. Winning trophies is nothing more than a bonus. A very nice bonus at that but just because we are Arsenal, it doesn't mean that we should automatically pick up the trophies every season.

Don't get me wrong when I say this, I want Arsenal to win the league more than I ever have done in the past, but if Manchester United do not drop anymore points does that mean that we have failed? If we miss out by a point will that mean that Wenger should go? And if we win on goal difference then is Wenger suddenly a hero?

If we had sold all our top players and then spent ridiculous amounts of money on an aging expensive squad then I would understand some of the frustration a little more. That is just not the case.

I along with many Arsenal fans have looked at the bigger picture, it is quite a clear picture to me and I have difficultly with those who find it difficult to see that picture.

We have had to rebuild in a massive way, we have had to change our policy due to the constraints put on the manager and the club. We have had to speculate to accumulate. Building a new state of the art stadium in the way we have isn't something that can be done willy nilly. It has taken plenty of work and cut backs were made. We had to trim our wage bill, had to make money by selling players who were not going to improve and start again from scratch.

I can forgive lazy hacks who want to spin this into Arsenal have failed to win in x amount of years, totally ignoring the lack of silverware from Liverpool, Aston Villa, Sunderland etc who have all spent more money than we have. But it shouldn't really be happening from Arsenal supporters.

As you have already said, we have already been close in the last few years so we know that success is not far away, regardless of the outcome of this season.

I believe that Wenger is doing the right thing by resigning our players on long term contracts, keeping our squad is much more important than buying shiny new players. We are on our way to something very special with this squad and we should all be thanking our lucky stars that we have Arsene Wenger at the helm doing what he does best.

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