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By Subir Kumar Roy

1) Arsenal’s defence worst among the top six in BPL, not much of a help when you aim for silverware.

2) The midfield was missing without Fabregas. Rosicky was going nowhere. Diaby ran out of ideas, dwelt on the ball for eons and presented the ball to spuds in our own half.

3) Rosicky’s long range effort pretty much sums it up; there is no long range target practice in players training. No plan B. Simple.

4) No wonder Danny Rose’s strike seems one in a million. To be honest it is.

5) Walcott isn’t the player on the wings, never going to be.

6) Clichy gets carried away by his offensive duties. The switching off, even occasionally is costly every time.

7) Same for our Bacs Sagna. Anything Clichy can do, he can do. For better or worse I leave the judgement to you.

8) AW had a premonition about our CBs, so he got back Sol. Odd that he did not have one for our DM. Could have got back Patrick Viera. Incidentally was available too. If you wanna break a rule, break it big.

9) Arsene doesn’t want to know. Hawking young age statistics of rest of the team is bollocks when the average age of your center backs is on the wrong side of thirties.

10) Winning and nicking 3 points off your nearest rivals is the best. Draws against them ain’t a bad option either. Funny you cannot plan for them. Tighten up and not let them take three points off you is a big plus. No guesses for our position if all lost games lost would have been draws.

11) The squad isn’t big enough in terms of depth and quality. Arsenal injury woes to let them down every season, in big games and crunch times. Next season may not be any better with the WC and Arsenal’s big share of international players.

12) AW has been dead honest about one thing, missing RVP. Predicatably did nothing about it except of course, balancing the books. Same for CB, DM and GK.

13) The players ain’t mentally tough. Not after seeing the spuds game.

14) All of the above and still having a 4-3-3 formation or its variant. Whatever happened to the 4-4-2 or 4-5-1?

15) Spite Hart Lane or not, Campbell is a fighter.

16) Lee Dixon is right about one thing - we need a SOLID back four (add one DM to that).

Gooner for life.


Mean Lean's Response


Subir thank you for posting in your thoughts but I have to disagree with much of what you have said. Your title states that you have observations from the Tottenham game but then you say things like 'Walcott isn't the player on the wings, never going to be'

Theo was one of the players that actually made a positive impact when he came on and made the assist for our goal. You cannot say that 'Walcott isn't the player on the wings' which I assume you mean is not good enough. You do not know how he will progress, you do not know what he will be like with a full season without injury and you do not know what he will be like when he reaches his peak.

I will select a few of your points. #3 there is no long range target practice in players training. No plan B. Simple

How do you know what happens on the training ground? How can you make a statement like that without actually knowing the facts.

Gael Clichy was one of our better players on the night and has been over the last few weeks as he has regained his match sharpness.

I have to jump to the squad isn't big enough point. This is something that has been bandied about via the media to the fans. I would argue the opposite and suggest that a team that has had to cope with the most injuries in the league (fact) has still managed to remain in the title race with a handful of games remaining.

I would like to point out that when Manchester United had their one bad injury spell in one area they resorted to playing Michael Carrick in defence and subsequently lost to Fulham 3-0. We have had that level of injuries all over the team at different stages of the season.

We started the season with six possible choices for center back. That is for two positions. Djourou got injured and that meant we had five possibilities for two places. If I was a manager who had to start the season with a balanced squad I would have been happy with that. Senderos left in January and Arsene replaced him with Sol Campbell. That is fine. Not one person could have suggested that we would have had such a bad injury issue at such a crucial period.

As for not being mentally tough, I can counter that with victories at Hull City in the last minute, Stoke City after having one of our players legs broken, Liverpool away after going a goal down.

I could pick many more holes in your argument but I think what it boils down to is that Gooners are disappointed that we probably will end the season trophy less. It sure is a disappointment. We were all hoping that this year could have been our year but has it been an awful season on the whole? Is fighting for the league until the end with a ravaged injury struck squad reason to ask for mass changes? I think not.

Nobody denies that we could do with strengthen in certain areas, the boss has already mentioned that. We have seen big improvements from the season before and we will be back stronger next season.

I hope the players can show what they are made of in the games remaining, now that the pressure has been lifted slightly.

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