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By Ahmed El Hawary

It really feels like groundhog day, every season for the past few seasons ends in disappointment, no silverware, one of our best players is linked to another club ( more times than not, said player leaves) and no quick important signings we so desperately need. Oh and everything is blamed on injuries!

Wenger needs to have a long hard look at the players, the youth policy & the staff. He needs to do what's best for the team & show the world that we mean business next season. Barcelona just won the league a few days ago & they went and bought David Villa.

If I were Wenger.......I wouldn't have signed Chamakh and instead go all out to buy a world class striker, everyone can see what a difference Van Persie( our only class striker) brings to the team when fit, as opposed to Eduardo, Vela, Walcott & even Bendtner. I'm not saying he won't be a good signing, but he isn't a strikers that sends fear into defenders.

If I were Wenger......I would resign if Cesc does leave to barca. Before i get sweared at & called fickle fan, let me explain. For the past few seasons we've been buying young exciting players for next to nothing, we've developed them, payed them more salaries than they would have dreamed & playing them as starters whereas the would have been benchwarmers in any other big team. This is all well and good and actually just fighting for the title with the likes of chelsea and man utd with such young players is great, but the problem is that just as these player start to mature and reach stardom status, the up and leave. It defies the reason we bought them young in the first place. If Cesc does leave, why not song, walcott, clichy, wilshere and nasri in the next few seasons.

We are considered a selling club thats a fact, that's why we are always billed as underdogs....& I hate this. Wenger needs to man up & defend Arsenal's status between the big boys. I would love it if Arsene came out & said that we aren't selling fabregas & that we are trying to buy iniesta, julio cesar & chellini.....why not??? lets show them that we have money and arent afraid to lose it. Maybe even Gazidis would pay newsof the world to releases the headline "Barca ready to sacrifice Iniesta, Bojan & pique for the sake of Cesc". Lets show them that two can play that game.

If I were Wenger........I would buy a world class keeper before the World cup, not hart, green or the like but buffon, Cesar or ankiev would do. Each one of those keepers is worth atleast 10 points, not -10 like the douchebags we now have in our lineup.

If I were Wenger........ I would have a long talk with Denilson, Walcott & Vela, Tell them that if they don't step up & be more consistent , they will be kicked out in the winter window. Some might say that Walcott particularly has been good & that without his injuries would have been better, well lets see his most meanigful contributions this season. The first is his goal home against Barca, although his run was graet & he actually scored, but the way he took his shot was laughable, he had the whole goal to aim at but decided to side foot it just under Valdes' legs. I'm sure any other good keeper(except Almunia) would have stopped it. His second is his assist away to Barca, which in my humble opinion is one of the worst assists in this position I have ever seen, & only because of Bendtners fight did he manage to eventually score.

If I were Wenger......I would buy and experienced center back & another young one. First to cover the likely exits of Gallas & to a lesser extent Silvestre, and also because Djourou is not like a new signing!

If I were Wenger......I would be re-evaluating the whole youth project, not many players in the world today will play out their whole career at one club, whethers its because they've achieved everything they could (c.Ronaldo), haven't achieved anything ( Cesc) or even cold weather (Reyes) . So buying players so young only increases the chance of them leaving just before they reach they're peak.

I'm sorry for the long article, but I'm really let down by the players, but mostly by Wenger. I wouldn't want anyother manager for our club, but I can't deny that I felt alot of envy towards the chelsea fans happy with their double, that a manager that has been only there for one year has given them, without any major signings. I felt envy that in just two years Mourinho has won inter 2 leagues, an Italian cup & a champions league.

I'm also scared that Man utd could lose the best player in the world at the time, plus one of the most hardworking strikers I have ever seen in Tevez , & still manage to beat us twice, scoring more goals & finish 9 points clear of Arsenal. So What will happen next season when both they & chelsea Strengthen with new signings?! If -god forbid- Cesc does leave, we need to sell for at least 60mil, & USE THE F@%KING MONEY. We need to use the money to buy 3 or 4 really world class superstars. That would be the only way to get better and have a chance for silverware next season.

I might sound like a glory hunter who only wants silverware not doing it the Arsenal way. Well I am not. I might seem harsh towoards our players & management, well I am not. We have to see our season as it really was, a FAILURE. We played 3 big teams this season, won 0 lost 5 and drawn 1 , scoring 5 goals & conceding 16!!! That is rubbish. I want us to reach our potential, I want us to not have any sentiments towards our average players. I would sell walcott, vela, eduardo & bendtner in a heart beat if we can get 2 world class strikers to compliment Van persie & Cesc. Because if we can't admit they are average then we will never progress. Maybe Bendtner is good but he's not world class. He might be one day, but I don't think we can't wait anylonger.

Next year has to be different, I want other fans, managers & newspapers to see us as a footballing beast. I want us to be billed as favourites in all compitions & against all opponents. Wenger always says we like to be underdogs.....No we don't , we are billed as such because we have mostly average to good players ( with the exception od 2 or 3 players) & 2 of the worst goalkeepers in any top flight leage in any country. We need to change all this, the time for winning is now, the time for winning the league has come, why not the champions league as well?? In the past 3 seasons Man utd, Barca & inter have won both in the same season but because when they do rest players they have great backup.

If Cesc leaves, if we don't buy quality players & if we don't win the league or champions league next season, then I'm afraid Drastic changes should be made to the club. Hopefully it wouldn't come to this, hopefully wenger already has some great signings up his sleeve, hopefully everything with keeping cesc & the new signings will be sorted out before the world cup & hopefully we'll get our silverware next season. Hopefully someday soon I'll be hopeful, but unfortunately as things stand I am not.


Mean Lean's Response


Thank you for the article, and apologies for the delayed response, those who read my blog yesterday will know that I have been out of action for the last week due to a virus *cue violins*

Your article is obviously very emotional and passionate but I have to say that I disagree with many of your views. I will attempt to answer as many of your points as possible.

Your first point about signing a world class striker instead of Chamakh doesn't appear to have much weight behind it. Firstly we do not yet know how Chamakh will influence this Arsenal team, we do not as yet know what plans Arsene Wenger has for him. Secondly Chamakh is a free transfer so the risk factor is very low. I imagine that Wenger is bringing in this player to help his team mates. Scoring goals has never really been a problem for Arsene Wenger's teams and I do not believe that Wenger is buying him purely for his goals.

My question to you would be, which striker are you think of? What role would he have in our set up? It is easy to say we need a world class striker but it is much more difficult to explain his role and how this would help others around him and our team.

I do not understand the basis for your next point. I would resign if Cesc does leave to barca

How does this make a difference to Wenger being in charge of the club? Arsene Wenger obviously wants to keep Cesc Fabregas, he is not trying to force him out of the door to bring in a lesser player. It is widely known that most managers do not try to keep hold of players who want out because it destabilises the team.

Should Alex Ferguson resign because Cristiano Ronaldo forced his way out of Manchester United? Should Ferguson leave because he let go of Carlos Tevez to their neighbours?

the problem is that just as these player start to mature and reach stardom status

You have taken a few examples and have generalised our whole squad. We have a whole host of talented players who have been with us for a long time and are likely to remain with us. On one hand I hear that we let go of our players too easily and in the next breath I hear complaints that we are giving too many long term contracts to our squad.

We are considered a selling club thats a fact

Nope, that is your opinion. Our players have been targets of big clubs every single season yet we kept Pires, Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Campbell during their prime. We have kept hold of Van Persie, Clichy, Sagna, Cesc, Bendtner etc who have been approached on a regular basis.

You say that the goalkeepers that you mention would be worth 10 points but the likes of Buffon, Cesar or Akinfeev have never played in the Premier League and you have no idea how they would settle into English football against the likes of Blackburn Rovers and Stoke City. Wenger may well bring in another goalkeeper, only time will tell. I also hope he does.

I think it is insane that you are criticising one of our players for the way he scored and assisted against arguably the best club side in world football right now (cringes) but I agree with you about the need to bring in an experienced center back. Johan Djourou is a player I like very much but it would be good if he was pushed by someone who can slot in and perform at a very high level alongside either Johan or Vermaelen.

Your point about re-evaluating the whole youth project is very interesting. I get the feeling that you feel that our 'youth project' is just a crazy experiment designed to prove a point. Well that is the view I get from many who want it abolished. I think the key point is understanding the reasoning for developing young players. We have built the club on those foundations because it is very profitable and organic. The reason why we are able to pay our younger players more than many other clubs is because it generates profit every time (or more often than not) we decide to allow a player to join the likes of Birmingham City, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspurs and many Championship clubs and lower division sides.

The policy does not mean that we can only have a squad full of youth players who have come through. This appears to be the confusion from many fans who want the club to stop developing players. This system allows us more than one avenue to get talent into the first team. If it wasn't for this vision then we would not be watching the likes of Cesc, Song and Van Persie plying their trades at Arsenal. That always seems to be ignored.

The reason why we have not spent as much on players for the last few years, coincidently coincides with the building of the Emirates. Of course this is not a coincidence, money has been tight and the facts are as clear as day. Arsene Wenger has balanced the books every season since arriving at Ashburton Grove. As you may or may not know, we are now debt free in regards to the Highbury flats, so more funds will be available this time round.

Back to your point, stopping player development could mean an end to a self sustaining model and surely no Arsenal supporter wants that.

You speak of the success of other managers in the last season but you do not take into consideration the circumstances. We are not on a level playing field with Chelsea. Inter Milan have spent plenty of money on their squad in recent years. Wenger is not sitting on billions of free cash contrary to what anti Wenger posters would want you to believe. The question is can you wait until we are able to spend big or can you wait until our younger players are consistent?

What would Jose Mourinho have done if he had a young squad with inexperience of winning trophies. What would he have done if he was told to balance the books and think of the future of the club yet challenge against Manchester United who were borrowing big to finance the purchase of players and Chelsea who were given their large chunk of pocket money from Roman Abramovich each season. What would Mourinho, Ancelotti, Hiddink etc done differently to Wenger to have made us win trophy after trophy during a major club transition period?

You obviously want trophies, the feel good factor and all that comes with winning but you have left out some very important information. We haven't been where we want to be but we are not as far as some make out.

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