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Robin Cash In My Pursie

Written by Ahmed El Hawary

This really is starting to get funny. It's no longer frustrating, it's no longer shameful, it's just ridiculously funny. Let's look into the future for a second, bear with me sorry, August 1st 2012: Vermaelen named new Arsenal captain. July 2013 Vermaelen signs for Barcelona. August 2013 Wilshere named one Arsenal's youngest ever get my drift. It's a pattern that has been going on for too long for my liking.

Before anyone starts telling me that no player is bigger than our club and we start calling him 'Robin cash in my pursie'tm I would like to say that yes no player is bigger than any club, not just ours but whether we like to admit it or not players make their teams. A big club has big players to maintain its level, take Barca for example, from the late 90's till 2004 they won nothing with the players they had but when they finally assembled a good team with the signing of ronaldinho, etoo et al they started winning everything under the sun. When a small club a la chelsea or man city started signing big players the started to win trophies. So yes no player is bigger than a club if you lose one of your best players every once in a while, but when it becomes a staple every year then the club is becoming smaller than its players. Smaller because as I've said before on this website in an article I can't be bothered to remember its title, the club now is showing the players its a small weak club that can't hold on to its best players. I've said that the club needs to show the players that they don't give in to players that even if a player wants to leave he should stay and do his job or rot in the reserves.

What do you think other players think when just yesterday Wenger says that we will do everything to keep RVP and today he says he wants to leave. Not just players but what about other clubs? If I were them I would be thinking that any arsenal player is the easiest transfer target I could get.

Yes he's injury prone, yes he might not have much better days than the past year and a half but that's beside the point because for all we know he might stay injury free and it's about showing our players and other clubs that we have the motivation and will to succeed. Many games are won psychologically before a ball has been played, think back to the invincibles, we won most games in the first 20 minutes because teams used to come out scared sh*tless, the same with Barca or Manutd. Now we've lost the player other teams are scared most of facing. Yes we bought in two really good strikers just incase, but we already needed them WITH van persie in the team  not instead of him. Now we've changed a world class striker with two that are in their first season with us, what if like I was told numerous times before right here on this website that they are like Gervinho and "they need more than one season to get accustomed to the premier league" what happens then? I'll tell you, we get another season of transition where we scrape to reach the champions league, then when we do another player leaves, nothing is done to change this vicious cycle.

What's even more worrying is that a number of players that have left have said the same thing regarding the future of Arsenal or how well its run. So there is either a template that they are all using or there is really something wrong with the club that all our players can see it. I sadly think it's the later rather than the former.

I don't know how things are going to change or get better, unfortunately I can't see us winning anything for the foreseeable future. Call me a glory hunter call me fickle call me whatever you want, winning is everything in football, we as fans pay a hell lot of money to see this team win, and yes it's great we have a sustainable business model and all that crap but the last time I checked we aren't Arsenal national bank, we're a football club.....a football club in decline I'm afraid.

Someone needs to speak to us, to tell us everything, to tell us the future plans, to show us the club is learning from its mistakes, we need to know what our ambitions and expectations are. I wouldn't really have a problem if Wenger came out and said that we can't challenge for titles anymore, that we are just trying to reach the champions league and maybe win a cup if possible. I would lower my expectations and I would be happier for it. What if we don't make it to the champions league, we were a good tackle away from that happening last season, what happens then?

I know I'm kneejerking but I can't help it, it's so frustrating its been so for a while now, I just bought the new kit and have been every single season, I stopped getting it printed as most players worth printing eventually leave, its sad, it really is. I'll always be a gunner and I'll always be proud of it. But at the moment it's frustrating nay infuriating seeing how ridiculous our club, manager and board look year in year out.

So next season we're a 30 goal striker weaker, he might even go to one of our rivals that already have 4 or 5 world class strikers, we're lighter in midfield too, Rosicky has been injured, Ramsey will be at the olympics, its not known when wilshere will return or how his form will be, benayoun has been released, Diaby is well being Diaby. Our defence has conceded 49 goals and most probably we'll start the season without our best defender is Sagna. Yes Podolski is a great signing, & Giroud was too, but if RVP leaves than seriously only a Falcao or Cavani would have done if we wanted to challenge.

I know I'm getting waaaaay ahead of myself but in all seriousness does anyone really think we'll get the number AND quality of players we need? Personally I don't think so and unfortunately I can't see next season being much better than this one, or the one before, or the one before them......

As I'm writing this Arsenal have just released a statement saying that they won't sell him and will let him run out his contract, for me that's much better than selling him because we all know if we do we will not use the money to buy a replacement so now we're having a great striker for one more year paying him just 80k/week. But still my point stands something is really wrong with the club and it needs to be sorted.

It Hurts...

Written by Rajasimhan V

Dear Robin Van Persie,

I know you are never going to read this letter. But I have so much to say that I got to write this. To start off, Just 2 words, “It Hurts”. Not because you are the best striker in this world and the captain of the club, But because of the way you have treated Arsenal Football Club, Its fans and above all, Arsene Wenger.

I have just a few questions for you. If ever by any chance you get to see this letter, try to answer them with your consciousness.

  • Do you remember how you were when you came into Arsenal, A guy who had talent but attitude problem? Who changed that character of yours and made you a better human?
  • Do you remember the time you spend at the treatment table for the last 8 years and how Arsene Wenger will come out and defend you in each press conference?
  • Do you remember the time when you said I am No.1 Arsenal Fan? No Fan will ever issue a statement to the press without informing the club?
  • Do you remember when you said that we will rebuild Arsenal together? You don’t rebuilt by leaving the club in this position.
  • Do you remember when the whole Dutch press was against you, Arsene Wenger came out and said you were the stiker in Euro?
  • Do you know how many Arsenal Fans supported Netherlands in Euro 2012 just because you were there in the team though they hate all others around you?

You need not answer us any of the questions. We have been through this before. But just that we did not expect this from you. But spare a thought for Arsene Wenger. Fans slate him. Media bullies him. His prodigies betray him. But He carries on with the same love and passion for the club. The next time I get an Arsenal Jersey, I am going to print “Arsene Wenger” at the back. I know for sure that the jersey need not be dumped.

Thank You


An Emotional Gooner

Players come and go , But our Passion is forever.. Up Arsenal..!!!

RVP - What next?

Written by Hassan Majeed

Once upon a time there was a young boy from feyenoord .......... blah blah blah i think we all know who this article is about. From his roots in Feyenoord, Robin came from the Rotterdam to Arsenal on the back of the gunners 'Invincible Season'. In his first season, Robin was eased in albeit with injury issues although his output read 10 goals and scoring one of penalties in the shootout to win the FA CUP in 2005. After that, arsenal fans will know that season after season, gooners only saw the class that is RVP in fits & bursts due to the many injuries he succumbed to. Some of the gooners i know even started to say he had an "ankle made of glass" such was the consistency in him getting injured. Then came January 2011. Robin had shrugged off his latest setback and went about doing something he had been expected to do 5 years previously. Score goals, make assists and generally help the overall play of The Arsenal. 49 goals and numerous assists for the likes of Theo Walcott, $amir Na$ri and then later on Gervinho & co lead to the arrival of the chant "he scores when he wants" in the 18 months that lead from that cold saturday in january.

Alas here we have arrived then at the summer transfer window of 2012/13 and Robin being the gentleman he is decided to entertain us with a little blog post which essentially read "Ive got over my injury problems and ive had a good season at the emirates so i guess ill be off now boys". Naturally the immediate reaction was of disbelief & anger from gooners all over twitter/facebook and to some people's disbelief, some place that didnt have social networking. Anyway, Arsenal being the classy football they are released a statement within the hour stating "We have to respect Robin's decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfill his commitments to the Club".

Now to the meat of this article. What do we (arsenal) do next?

There are of course three options:

1) Sell him to whatever potential suitor comes in with the highest transfer fee

2) Allow him to play out the last year, as the statement insists

3) Leave him to rot in the reserves eating spam & ribena at half time.

On a personal note i'd love the latter to occur but thats not realistic. Reading many an arsenal fan's opinion on the subject on twitter has seen a majority leaning towards selling him to a club which isnt Man City so long as we are able to cash in on him. There is however the odd fan who want him to play out his last year and im actually with minority agreeing with that.

Once you've thought about it, its a shrewd move. RVP is 29 next month meaning he's approaching the twilight of his career. Come 30, his body will start to be tested physically and we know how solid he is physically! Theres also the FFP consideration, even the likes of City dont want to pay over the odds blecause they are currently looking to stay in line with their laws hence it would be difficult to gain a large transfer fee of him anyway. Finally, with RVP, arsenal have a deadly front 5. Assuming Theo Walcott signs on (which i think he will, but thats another story), Giroud, Podolski, RVP & Gervinho (who is expected to have the second season syndrome french players tend to have where they decide to up their game), we have a 5 players to choose from plus The OX when needed to fulfill our deadly front three we so often use. Its note too optimistic to say that strikeforce has 80 goals in it in my personal opinion. RVP although he will suffer slightly from having to play for us another season, still has the best movement of a striker, theo is reaching his peak age, Gervinho now knows whats required & Giroud/Podolski are class players generally. Bring back in our best two midfielders in Jack Wilshere & Mikel Arteta alongside Alex 'i love lofting balls over the defence' song and we have a very strong team. Provided there arent any long term injuries we could win a trophy. Whether Arsenal choose option 2 is up to them and the greedy board, but to me it seems more sense to keep RVP to the end of his contract instead of an extra couple of quid.

RVP comes out guns blazing in bid to leave Arsenal

Written by Ali Gokal

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie stunned the club by announcing that he will not sign a new contract to keep him at the Emirates stadium beyond next season. It is difficult to underestimate the consequences of this decision.

One would have presumed Arsenal would sell him on, just as they did in similar circumstances with Samir Nasri last year. If shock can ever be familiar, it is with Arsenal fans, following consecutive summers of huge discontent. Shock is turning to bitter anger amongst supporters, with many, this writer included, feeling it is not so much the fact that van Persie is choosing not to sign a new contract – for who can blame a champion player for being ambitious – as much as the manner in which proclaimed his wantaway reveries, through a strongly-worded blog-post on his personal website. His message was so starkly different from the teary, heartfelt bows Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry made from the club, and one would expect more from a player who has seen the loyalty of the club first-hand during his frequent spells on the sidelines.

And despite his talk of “huge respect” for Wenger and all associated with Arsenal, it is clear that van Persie’s statement was all of his own doing and the club were not consulted about its release.

A statement on states “Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club”, suggesting he will be forced to stay at the club. But how can the Dutchman remain? Van Persie will no doubt be desirous to leave north London for pastures new as soon as possible. He would join his new club next summer on the cusp of his thirtieth birthday. Moreover, how can the Arsenal armband, sported in the recent past by legends such as Adams and Vieira, be entrusted to a man rubbing his hands to do a runner?

The principal ramifications are certainly not financial – though van Persie’s stinging words to the effect he “disagrees” with the club’s direction will certainly hit his transfer value, should Arsenal indeed sell him this summer. It is known Arsenal had set aside substantial funds for his new contract, including an increase in his weekly wage to £130,000 and a potential bonus pot of £5 million.

One could say the greatest implications will be felt on the pitch. Van Persie scored a sublime 37 goals in all competitions last year. A poor European Championship didn’t show the best of the striker but few Oranje players have come away from Poland & Ukraine with their reputations enhanced. Game after game this North London talisman single-footedly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. He shared an almost telepathic relationship with Theo Walcott, Alex Song and Tomas Rosicky last season.

Equally impressive to his role as spearhead of the Gunner’s attack was his leadership. For all of the brilliance of former Arsenal prince/skipper/playmaker, Cesc Fabregas, he could not galvanise the team the way van Persie has the last year. He led by example, demanded that bit extra, encouraged, stoked and always seemed to embody that guiding principle of football: respect the name on the front of your shirt more than the one on your back and you will succeed. So often did TV cameras pan to Arsenal’s lucky charm with his arm around a younger player, murmuring precious words of wisdom into their eager ears. Even at post-match interviews he handed his man of the match champagne bottles to younger team-mates, stating they earned it more than he.

Just this week Wenger said: “We want to keep Robin van Persie at all costs, because we depend on him offensively. I have always supported him, even in the hardest times, and I hope he will end his career at Arsenal.”

Now Le Boss will be hoping the cascade of goals will be somewhat through new signings Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, who both enjoyed career-high seasons last year. However they will take time to adapt to the breakneck pace of the Premier League. The likes of Walcott, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey and indeed Wilshere when he returns from injury will have to shoulder greater responsibility.

The most calamitous result of van Persie’s statement is his point about the club’s desire. For two years Arsenal have sought to convince players they possess ambition and the capacity to fulfil those lofty aspirations. And today marks the second year players have turned away unconvinced. It is a damning indictment. Van Persie has wittingly or unwittingly painted Arsenal as a gimmick club, masquerading to be what it is not and failing at the whole charade.

What happened in behind-the-scenes conversations with Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger we may never find out – unless Wenger gets round to writing that tell-all book he’s been teasing us about for a year. Nonetheless, these are the salient facts. The club has not won a trophy in almost eight years and the Invincibles are now but a distant memory. There has been no paradigm shift, but signs of progression are there. Some £25 million has already been splashed on two shiny new international strikers, both signed up before the transfer window even opened. This is a far cry from the panic-induced shopping spree of last summer.

Also, a clear-out is being talked of, with Arsenal ready to dispose of the handsomely-paid mediocrity that haunts Ashburton Grove’s balance-sheet: Chamakh, Park, Denilson, Djourou, Squillaci and so forth are all in the shop window. As The Telegraph’s Jeremy Wilson says, it would be fascinating to hear RVP explain the path he thinks Arsenal could tread without spending money they don’t have. I for one did not realise van Persie was a seasoned businessman of the pitch as well as a starlet on it.

Whether Arsenal sends him happily into the sun now or keeps him kicking and screaming for a year, the club faces another monumental test of character and fortitude. The Robin van Persie ride is coming to an end, but Arsenal’s rollercoaster looks set to go on for days, weeks, months, and maybe years to come.

Mean Lean's Response

I do not usually merge readers articles together but it makes sense seeing as we are all talking about the same thing right now. In truth I've lost a little bit of my emotion now as I unloaded to those who follow me on Twitter.

It is not really a surprise that he wants out of the club. He had not signed a new contract and there was nothing stopping him from doing so if that was what he wanted to do.

But I did not want to go there because it didn't make sense. Robin van Persie was different, he wasn't Nasri. He didn't have a home to go back to because he was at home. As a young boy he sat on his bed in an Arsenal kit way before he was signed to us. His family were happy, he loved the way we played the game and he had genuine friends at the club. It wasn't enough, not even enough to do things respectfully. As so many have already said, it is not that he wants to go but the distasteful way that he has done it.

There is a very good blog that you should all read after this and I am following suit. Beware! Don’t Name Those Rats.

It is going to be difficult to have faith in future Arsenal players and that is a shame.

Still feeling a bit flat about the whole thing to be honest so maybe I shall write about it further another time. Maybe when Theo jumps on the same boat as van Persie perhaps. Yes, I am still very bitter.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more