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Written by CescFabulous 4 on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 00:00

News on Rvp proved painful. Why? Because I would love Rvp to stay and I realise what a world class talent he is, and it would seem after his snub, many “Gooners” seemed to have forgotten what he’s done for us. After his announcement, out came the barrage of nonsensical remarks from many our fans like:

“May you rot in the deepest pits of hell.”

“We don’t need you anyway @Persie_Offical you piece of...”

“One good season in eight, good riddance...”

The list goes on with ever more startling remarks, but what staggers me is the lack of understanding from some of our fans. Let’s put things into perspective, we haven’t won a trophy since in seven years, Rvp has seen his old mates who’ve moved on from Arsenal win trophies. Rvp has seen us sell our best players (Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy etc) and rebuild by buying young, raw talent where others make marquee signings. Since 2005 Rvp has seen the Premier League won by our competitors in Chelsea and Man Utd numerous times, and has recently been won by Man City,  a team who Rvp has seen go from mid-table to title winners, yet we still say players go there for financial gain. We’ve been floating around 3rd and 4th place for the past couple of years and you know what? Rvp knows full well about all this. Van Persie IS NOT like us, he DID NOT grow up supporting Arsenal all his life,  he is a footballer and is a winner looking for trophies, and take it how you want, the chances of him winning titles is relatively greater with teams like Man City  and Man Utd than is it with us as things stand. Theirry Henry, a man who overtly expresses his love for Arsenal genuinely, left the club because he thought he’d win titles elsewhere and not at Arsenal. He was right. So were Nasri and Clichy. Looking at things in that perspective it is no surprise why Van Persie would look elsewhere, if we had won titles then he would of have stayed. We should be grateful for what he did for us last season, if it wasn’t for him (along with players like Koscielny and Arteta) then we’d probably still be coming to terms with how football looks on channel 5.

Undoubtedly we would have been stronger force going into next season with him, but many a great player has left us before and WE HAVE managed to cope. The greatest striker in the history of the PL left us to join Barcelona and we managed. One of the best playmakers in modern football left us to go Barcelona, we managed. Now it would seem would of the best strikers in the world on current form is about to leave us and you know what WE WILL cope. In Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud we have two top class strikers who I’m certain will do well, both experienced players who can bring a lot to the team. Looking at Lukas Podolski for instance, many pundits and fans rave on about Mario Gomez and Robert Lewandowski who have 26 and 22 goals respectively in the German Bundesliga, both strikers play for teams with a wealth of creative/ World class players e.g. Ribery, Robben, Shweinstiger, Kagawa, Gotze etc and both play for teams who were challenging for the title and both teams who met in the cup final, yet Lukas Podolski managed to grab 18 goals and assisted 7 in a team fighting against relegation and with no recognized world class talent beside him, shows you just what we’ve got on our hands.

So what do we need? I think our priorities are the GK,RB and CDM positions. We urgently need cover and competition for Szczesny, that’ll hopefully reduce the complacency we saw of him last season. At RB, Jenkinson to put it bluntly just isn’t good enough yet, the best option would probably be to loan him to a PL club to get some experience and a greater understanding of the game, so I’d say we need a decent RB who can cover Sagna whenever he is unavailable. Last season we looked exposed in the middle of the park, I think a real tenacious and disciplined CDM would do us the world of good or an alternative could be to wait for Jack Wilshere’s return and play him in his deep box to box role and buy a creative, playmaking CAM instead. With Walcott, Gervinho, Miyaichi and the Ox our only players capable of playing on the wing, perhaps an established winger would be something we need if we count Giroud and Podolski as our main striking options, otherwise if we count Podolski as a winger, then assuming we offload Bendtner,Chamakh,Park and Vela then another striker is essential.

Following news of Van persie, speculation has risen of Theo Walcott considering his future, I personally would take that with a pinch of salt and see it more as hot air than anything else. This speculation stems from the on-the-field chemistry Theo had with Van persie assisting many of his goals and Van persie returning the favour by praising him for the assists. However, if there is any truth in this story then we shouldn’t be too worried also because in truth we can do a lot better than Theo on the wing. Firstly the boy isn’t a winger, and has declared many a time his ambition to play through the middle, and are we ever going to give him that opportunity? Doubt it. Unlike Theo we have players of whom their natural position is on the wing (Miyaichi, Gervinho and Ox), players who want to play in that position and can actually have an influence on the game. For anyone who watched Bolton last year, they will understand what a prospect Miyaichi is, almost similar pace to Walcott, bags of skill decent final ball, good link up play and carries out his defensive duties well, the only question marks that arise of Miyaichi is his inexperience and his body strength, nothing that can’t be resolved in time though.

Gervinho started off really brightly last season assisting for Rvp against Udinese, Stoke(2) and Chelsea, however it seemed as though his profligacy seemed to undo all his good work with simple chances like those against Tottenham and Chelsea gone begging. As said many times before, a player should never be judged on his first season; I remember Koscielny’s debut season, plagued with error and playing with little confidence and now has turned out to be one of the season’s outstanding performers.  Gervinho’s stats prove that while at Lille he contributed to goals more than Hazard while both were at the club, so he does have the quality no doubt.

So, what is my overriding point?  Well losing a player of Van Persie’s calibre would be a massive blow to any side not only to Arsenal, but we as a club ARE strong enough to cope with his loss. One potential positive that could result as a result of Rvp’s departure could be the sharing of responsibility throughout the squad, as we saw last season with Fabregas’s departure up stepped up Alex Song who became the creative head in midfield, who knows what could happen after Rvp leaves? From what I hear from some Gooners it seems as though we’ve forgotten what a squad we have, in Wilshere and Diaby we have two quality players still come back and we have Rosicky also, many of our players played last season coming back from injury, having a fully fit and raring Andre Santos, Diaby and Wilshere next season effectively will be like new signings. Above all else we have a fantastic manager in Arsene Wenger and we should put our faith in him, a man who has practically worked miracles with the resources available. What an amazing man.

My 2012/13 with 4-2-3-1:












Mean Lean's Response

Thank you Cesc Fabulous and apologies for the huge delay in putting this up. To do lists have magically stayed the same and time is speeding by the to do lists in record time.

It seems like such a long time ago since the van Persie statement of doom. Everything felt terrible at the time and I must say, I feel far better today and I am sure you do also.

I would love to hear what Robin van Persie has to say about ambition or disagreeing with the clubs direction today. I didn't buy it at the time and I certainly do not buy it now. Without wanting to jump the gun, it is safe to say that we are close to buying Santi Cazorla along with strikers Lukas Podolski and Oliver Giroud. In the last two summers we have been buying the way Arsene used to when he came to the club. Or perhaps more to the point, he is now able to buy how he used to.

The financial shackles have been loosened from his wrists and we are rebuilding our squad in a big way.

Andre Santos, Per Mertesacker, Gervinho, Mikel Arteta, Lukas Podolski, Oliver Giroud and hopefully Santi Cazorla are not kids they are established players who either have a point to prove or are coming towards their peak years.

With or without Robin van Persie, I am utterly convinced that we will be a much better side than last season. There is little reason why we shouldn't be able to close down that large point gap last season between us and the Manchester clubs. It may or may not be enough for the title but we should be able to give it a much better go and that can only be positive,

I am very interested to see what shape the squad looks in by September 1st.

Before I go, can I point Android users in the direction of the new Arsenal Vision mobile phone app.

iPhone and Blackberry hopefully to come soon. If you are an app creator then please give me a shout.

Comments (25)

  • gaya
    with regards to Van Persie, you ask fans to be grateful for what he did last season and i dont think any Arsenal fan doubts that.
    what he did in previous season aligned to his comments is what irks everyone.

    so i would like to ask what would have been if he gave last season performance and number of games when the like of Hleb, Adebayor, Edwardo, Flamini, Cesc etc were around. That my humble fellow is what gets everyone annoyed.
  • Shogun  - Nice & direct, but wrong on TH14
    I don't/didn't agree with all the insults on rvp by some of the fans, or their claiming that he's overated, i personally believe he's a way beyond average player and turned out to be quite an explosive striker. Still doesn't change the fact that his statement and how it was done was way off -more so now with Arsenal's involvement in the transfer market.
    But comparing Henry's case to Rvp's in my opinion is total bullcrap!.. Henry left arsenal to win trophies(maybe the cl)? Who knows.. But did he actually say that? This is a guy that's won most everything while under contract to Arsenal.. The way you framed that comment gives the impression that he never won anything at Arsenal and didnt stand a chance of doing that either. For me that line alone blew your post man, but i get it's your opinion so no hard feelings man.
    Hope Rvp gets what he wish' for, cause his statement/decision could just aswel be the biggest mistake of his life.
  • benhan
    @CescFabulous we understood why our great player left but they never issued a public statement that insulted the club, team mates, manager and fans like this. Henry left, we understood. Cesc left, we understood. We expected RvP to keep silent when negotiating with other clubs to gain Arsenal a few more millions but he chose to burn the bridge even question the club ambition in public and even using the word "love" at the same statement. That's the issue with RvP.

    @MeanLean the reason Wenger could buy the ones he wanted without real competition this year is because we were saving for the right time. With the economy crisis, only Chelsea, PSG, City spent big money this summer. Man United could only buy Kagawa. We have no competition to sign Podolski, Giroud cheaply (well Chelsea went for Giroud but I don't think he's their main target). And for Cazorla we would have no competition too. Arsenal is the only PL club with 40-50 millions self-generated cash on the bank this summer. If only RVP really loves the club and understands the "ambition" of the club this season, he could be the first Arsenal captain to lift the trophy after 7 years. Well, what a shame he didn't believe his own fitness for the next four years and chose to warm the bench at City with his best friend Nasri.
  • Andy Mack
    As gaya said, one really good season doesn't make up for the games RvP missed. He's a seriously talented player but he's had an awful injury record plus he put himself in a situation where he was accused of raping a girl. Who stood by him? AW, AFC and us (and surprisingly his girlfriend - now wife!). During all this he was paid very well. He still owes all of us. I don't agree with most of the hardcore 'slagging' but equally we have plenty of rights to moan about him. A bit like Flamini, one really good season and run for the money.

    Henrys situation was different. He'd won a lot with us and with his separation from his wife he needed to break his routine (as anyone that's been through that will know).

    There are plenty of RvPs AFC team mates that have moved on and not won anything elsewhere or have spent so little time on the pitch that they don't contribute to any team wins, which must be a really hollow victory. But I guess £/$/€ makes up for it in their eyes although they'll probabley regret it when they retire.
  • Gooner4Life  - Mr Mack smacked the nail clean on the head!
    C O Y G
  • richie
    @CescFabulous 4,

    Thierry Henry didn't leave Arsenal and ask to be sold to Barcelona because he thought he had a better chance of winning silverwear there! Why make a statement about something if you are only going to guess? After leaving Arsenal TDH didn't stop talking to the press. In fact the press hounded him for months, wanting to know his reasons for leaving Arsenal and why he chose Barca. The Catalan press desperately wanted to hear Henry say he left Arsenal to join a bigger club or because he thought he could win more at Barca. TDH said none of the above.

    Its now a matter of record that Thierry didn't care where he went, just so long as he got away from London. TDH is an emotional guy and when he went to Arsene in distress in the middle of a painful divorce and separation from his daughter and said to "Le Boss" who is also his friend. "I've got to get away" like "Picard" in star trek "Arsene" made it happen. He made it happen in Arsenal's best interest, because Henry was in the twilight of his career and at 30 years of age Arsene knew he wouldn't be able to play at his peak for much longer.

    Arsenal got €24Mil for a 30 year old and Thierry played for Barca for two years before he won a fantastic triple of League,Kings Cup, and Champions league. The following year he left to play in America in the MSL (Which many would consider retirement). Arsene made sure that the club did a great deal for Arsenal but also for his Friend Thierry!
  • richie
    @ CF4 Sorry Gooner but your basing a lot of your idea's on a false premise. Toure Clichy and Nasri had absolutly no guarantee that they would win a title with Man City. If they had all moved to United that arguement would've carried far more weight. I fact if Man U hadn't blown it for the first time ever under SAF then City wouldn't have won it, even then it was only won on goal difference. Statistically Man U Arsenal and Chelsea had more of a chance to win it than Money Citeh. Before anything was won those players all joined the club paying the highest salaries, do you honestly think thats a coinsidence?
  • richie
    I never like to slag off either Arsenal players or the team in general I think its counter productive! I'm a supporter so I feel I should support my team no matter what. So I don't hold with the statments listed above. However I must say I think RvP brought most of the criticism he recieved on his own head, as a loyal servent of the club all we can do is thank him if he decides he doesn't want to sign a new contract. The only statement he needed to make was that he was seeking a new challenge, but his statement was a direct attack on the club. If you feed house and nurture a sick puppy until its a strong dog and then it turns on you and bites you, I think your entitled to feel aggrieved. IMHO Thats how most Gooners feel concerning RvP. Personally after his statements I now want him sold for as much as we can get as quickly as is possible.

    Like ML I'm growing increasingly optomistic for the season ahead. I enjoyed reading the article below so here's a link. It kind of sums up the mood of optimism.

    . done-enough-for-their-supporters
  • richie  - My link didn't seem to work so...............
    Have Arsenal done enough for their supporters?
    Date: 1st August 2012 at 6:27 pm
    Written by Thomas Hallett
    Follow this writer

    Arsenal fans are quickly losing interest in the on-going Robin van Persie saga. A lot of which has to do with the rumoured positive moves the club are making to once again compete in the Premier League.

    The Arsenal captain has made his bed with that ridiculous statement earlier in the summer, and maybe he overestimated his value to both Arsenal and the rest of the market. A key player for the Gunners, of course, but that importance was highlighted through 18 months of outstanding performances, rather than the year-on-year expectations that many had for him.

    When Thierry Henry decided his time was up at Arsenal in 2007 (although a lot of that decision was made by Arsene Wenger, rather than the persistent nagging from Barcelona) everyone wrote the club off for the upcoming season. Fair enough, the team were hardly outstanding throughout the previous year, and the club’s only real and established star was moving on.

    At that point, Cesc Fabregas wasn’t considered the focal point for the team, and van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor were not really viewed as the obvious partnership to take on Henry’s production. But maybe in football, like other sports, it’s the moves you don’t make that are the best choices. And for the club to seem willing, for now, to avoid any contract extension and part with van Persie can only be a good thing for the rest of the squad and new arrivals.

    When Henry left, the rest of the team were liberated. It was no longer about getting the ball to the captain, and players like Alex Hleb really emerged as outstanding talents away from the shadow of Henry.

    With the new signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, and the increasingly likely arrival of Santi Cazorla, the team have a chance to re-brand themselves away from van Persie. Arsenal need a quarterback and a playmaker, but not one who is only looking for van Persie in the end zone. The much-desired talent is coming in, so why cast the new and exciting arrivals in the dark behind the Dutchman?

    Arsenal fans have rightly built up van Persie to be an indispensable asset because there was no one else. There were no alternatives to provide the goals and, most importantly, in the absence of Jack Wilshere, there was no one else to really get fans out of their seats.

    But in a surprising turn of events, the club have called van Persie’s bluff and moved very ambitiously to pursue two exciting products from La Liga. And while Nuri Sahin was not at his Dortmund best for Real Madrid last season, there is room for him in the Arsenal line up to be a key figure.

    As with the departure of Henry, the club need to be liberated from the one-man-team moniker and create a strong base throughout the club. Arsenal may be losing a little bit of their identity that was present during the early-2000s via the possible departure of van Persie, but considering the way Wenger is moving in the transfer market, there is every reason to be hopeful ahead of the new season.

    Bringing in established players who are ready and good enough to perform now, the club can move away from the culture of big names holding the club to ransom and demanding moves away. If Theo Walcott or Alex Song want to make similar noises to the tune of Cesc Fabregas or van Persie then fine, both can be replaced.

    But the pursuit of players like Cazorla or Podolski is what should be getting everyone excited for a new season. There are surely very few Arsenal fans who wouldn’t trade van Persie for the two big names who are likely to add to the two earlier purchases. And that’s what the fans needed, the ambitious signings to soften the blow of losing a valued a previously much-liked captain.

    The new signings, however, will do more than just soften the blow of losing van Persie, they will help to lay the foundation for a new chapter in the reign of Arsene Wenger. Hopefully a much more successful chapter than the one which spanned the last six years
  • EIE  - Youth and Reserves are rubbish
    Went to Dartford last night and watched the most pathetic match in my 50 years watching professional football, the lack of effort by 9 black kids wearing pink and orange boots more interested in their hair cuts and looking cool by swaggering around the place was despairing. Absolute disgrace to the club, the Dartford fans were in hysterics at our defending and total lack of interest in the game, Wenger out!
  • MeanLean
    EIE, I take it that was just a bad joke right? I bloody hope so
  • EIE  - trevoreyre@hotmail
    ....and I told Terry Burton face to face afterwards that display was a disgrace, all the players were laughing and joking getting on to the Ellison coach after with their headphones on and shunning young kids wanting autographs, this club has lost it's class big time.
  • MeanLean
    Wow, you were not joking.

    Firstly, can I ask you why you felt it necessary to point out that 9 of the kids were black? I see absolutely no relevance to any argument. While we are on this subject, can I point out to you that from the starting 11 only TWO yes TWO of the players were black.

    Unless you intend to lump in Serge Gnabry, Craig Eastmond, Nico Yennaris and Kyle Bartley as black when they are in fact of mixed race. Which in most cases one of their parents are of Caucasian race.

    I am afraid that reflects very badly of yourself. But even by proving you terribly incorrect, I still do not see what the need was stating that 9 of the players were black. Can you explain?

    Secondly, the match was a pre season friendly. A friendly! A pre season friendly that players use to build up their fitness and try and implement new tactical instructions set by a new manager in place. This wasn't a cup final, it was a friendly.

    Thirdly, this team that contained 'mostly black players' were occupied by mostly teenagers. Teenagers who are learning their trade and developing their game.

    I am amazing that someone can throw their toys out of the pram in a game like this. Burton must have been speechless. And this is a reason to call for Wenger's head?

    HAHAHA! Amazing.

    Wow, just wow.
  • EIE  - AV
    I remember watching Rocky, Michael Thomas, Paul Davis, Kevin Campbell in friendlies, those boys were working class heroes who gave it there all at the same age to break into the first team...this bunch of ignorant posers think they've made it already, it was almost beneath them to even compete against lowly oppostion in Dartford or even sign a few autographs.
    I think you're splitty hairs regarding the black players last night, it's a culture thing, if you cannot grasp that then that reflects badly on yourself.
    Your last comment "Wow, just wow" sums up what sort of support we have now, I bet you call the game soccer rather than football don't you?...oh dear, where's our soul gone?....
  • Feeno
    So the thing to do to a club thats lost its class, is too shout in a managers face and then come on the internet and slang racism about. Classy stuff EIE, real classy
  • MeanLean
    "I bet you call the game soccer rather than football don't you?"

    Nope, you've just totally made that up for some reason. I also watched a young Kevin Campbell, Rocastle etc and I agree that society has changed, the game has changed but this is not just at Arsenal. It is life and it is nothing to do with the colour of your skin. There was absolutely no need to bring that up.

    "I think you're splitty hairs regarding the black players last night"

    How so? You stated that 9 of the players were black and I corrected you and said that only 2 that started were. Your point was that black Arsenal players do not give a shit and you were wrong to do so as I blew that out of the water.

    A player like David Bentley is the perfect example of a player who thought he was a star, it had nothing to do with the colour of his skin.

    Life isn't like it was back when you were younger. You are searching for your youth and I am afraid that has gone. Move on and deal with it.
  • richie
    @EIE "Wenger Out because a bunch of our kids lost in a friendly to dartford"? :D Have you lost the plot or what? The same Dartford who just beat both the Hammers and the O's? This was a friendly used to give the kids a run out on their way to being match fit for the start of the season? I think you must have another agenda if you think Mr Wenger should leave because of it? Your having a giraffe mate! Talk about OTT!

    A minor Chinese diplomat from Beijing was less than complementry over Londons olympic opening ceremony. I think we should "Nuk" Beijing don't you EIE? Besides those Chinese, they've got different eye's from us! I'll take it as read that you are a "Gooner" although where you hail from expressing views like that I'll never know. My Great Gran father was raised in a totally different world to the one we live in today, and even back in the 60's I can't imagine him saying something like that! Not after he'd seen a brash flash outspoken young black kid at Highbury Stadium in 66 named Casias Marcellus Clay. It was definately cultural my great grand father adored him.
  • richie  - Like Martin Luthur King I have a Dream
    In my dream we.
    We sell RvP to Money Citeh for "loads a money"
    We buy Carzola and loan Sahin from Real.
    We hit the ground running and have an amazing start to the season.
    With Arteta Song & Carzola inter - changing with Sahin Ox and Diaby we seem to be able to boss any midfield. By November our front 3 of Giroud, Pod and Theo has started to gel and seem unstoppable they are either banging in goals or creating them for our rampant midfield. The press and pundits are hailing the return of the old Arsenal who are playing fantastic one touch fast attacking football. On Jan 12 having only played a bit part in Citeh's season, substitute RvP comes on at Highbury with his new team losing 2-1- In the 80's minute an open goal presents its self to RvP, but "not looking where he's going" in a freak accident he runs into "Nasri's rear" and "his chance goes missing" Eventually losing 3-1 RvP accuses his team mates of lacking ambition.
    Before April 27th still with 3 games to go Arsenal can't be caught we've claimed our 14th top flight title and broken the stuck on 13 jinks.
    I don't want to wake up!! :D :lol: :twisted: :0 :)
  • paspartu
    hey EIE you know what i remember? i remember cultured world class pros being "welcomed" by a bunch of drunks and drug addicted neanderthals who would use the pitch to release personal frustrations instead of drawing on it like bobby titi paddy etc etc....

    culture ? lol ...... wenger raised the culture of this club.....with his football and ethos.....

    the ethos here was gg and drunken drugged up players kicking others for the 1-0...that was arsenal;s culture .. dont forget that...losing finals with 50mtrs lobs in the 94th minute...not with young 21 y.o chesney BUT the legend with the ponytail and moustache..and not for cc BUT for uefa

    no plaudits for beautiful respect scouting ..just some titles scattered across 13-14 decades of existence per decade almost..... with majority held in the 30; years ago.....modern history of arsenal is wenger ..and thank god .or else wed still be that 3rd world club we used to be when ending the seasons 7th 12th and with our players hitting the imbeciles...wenger 4life
  • EIE  - Wenger v Graham
    Graham 3 trophyless seasons out of 8
    Wenger 11 tropyless seasons out of 16.

    ...and if you know your history.....
  • EIE  - Tick Tock
    Wenger Years of Failure....and he's on £7m a year..LOL :P
  • richie  - Oh No the sewers must be coming up again!
    ML my old mate we should have realised sooner. As soon as the racist remark was posted about our young kids we should've smelt a rat!
    EIE = A doomer! Another of Speccy's recruits from the depths has surfaced to try to help him in his Crusade. These types they can't help themselves like a serial flasher they just have to reveal themselves eventually. He had to slip his little winkle out, he couldn't contain himself a second longer. He had to try for a comparison. Be on your guard everyone its the "Arsenal Truth? Army of rats" with their very own pied piper Spectrum, he has called them from their lair deep underground with his Wenger Hating flute. :D
  • paspartu  - wenger v graham ....aston martin vs vauxhall
    in 2006 this clubwas 15 minutes away from winning the champions league final and you put it as a failure? hahah ...if you know your history.... :wink: ...i guess you saw arsenal playing many european champions finals or cl finals back in the days huh ......

    ) ..... : there has nto been a better period for arsenal football club than wenger;s era//sniffing for titles for 16 continous years ( and counting /..finals..stadiums..big players...the lot..the only thng missing is cl...ok we'l get there one day.

    if every time the club didnt win the league you put it down as a failure then make a list of the clubs failures the previous 109 years ..before arsene...oh thats right .....10 in 109 ......99 years of failure according to you ..heheh wenger has a lot of catching up to do to equal that :P

    and since you want to play with numbers

    wenger;s first decade 1996-2006 : 3 epl, 4fa 1cl final
    wenger;s last decade 2002 - 2012 2 epl, 2 fa 1 cl final, STADIUM

  • paspartu  - eie = git
  • paspartu
    dear god ...arsenal signed santi cazorla ....where the hell is spectrumt o complain ? and tell us how the 3rd best player in la liga aint fit to play in england

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    oh i know he is busy talking with dein snr plotting the demise of arsenal :P :P :P :P :P :P
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