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News on Rvp proved painful. Why? Because I would love Rvp to stay and I realise what a world class talent he is, and it would seem after his snub, many “Gooners” seemed to have forgotten what he’s done for us. After his announcement, out came the barrage of nonsensical remarks from many our fans like:

“May you rot in the deepest pits of hell.”

“We don’t need you anyway @Persie_Offical you piece of...”

“One good season in eight, good riddance...”

The list goes on with ever more startling remarks, but what staggers me is the lack of understanding from some of our fans. Let’s put things into perspective, we haven’t won a trophy since in seven years, Rvp has seen his old mates who’ve moved on from Arsenal win trophies. Rvp has seen us sell our best players (Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy etc) and rebuild by buying young, raw talent where others make marquee signings. Since 2005 Rvp has seen the Premier League won by our competitors in Chelsea and Man Utd numerous times, and has recently been won by Man City,  a team who Rvp has seen go from mid-table to title winners, yet we still say players go there for financial gain. We’ve been floating around 3rd and 4th place for the past couple of years and you know what? Rvp knows full well about all this. Van Persie IS NOT like us, he DID NOT grow up supporting Arsenal all his life,  he is a footballer and is a winner looking for trophies, and take it how you want, the chances of him winning titles is relatively greater with teams like Man City  and Man Utd than is it with us as things stand. Theirry Henry, a man who overtly expresses his love for Arsenal genuinely, left the club because he thought he’d win titles elsewhere and not at Arsenal. He was right. So were Nasri and Clichy. Looking at things in that perspective it is no surprise why Van Persie would look elsewhere, if we had won titles then he would of have stayed. We should be grateful for what he did for us last season, if it wasn’t for him (along with players like Koscielny and Arteta) then we’d probably still be coming to terms with how football looks on channel 5.

Undoubtedly we would have been stronger force going into next season with him, but many a great player has left us before and WE HAVE managed to cope. The greatest striker in the history of the PL left us to join Barcelona and we managed. One of the best playmakers in modern football left us to go Barcelona, we managed. Now it would seem would of the best strikers in the world on current form is about to leave us and you know what WE WILL cope. In Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud we have two top class strikers who I’m certain will do well, both experienced players who can bring a lot to the team. Looking at Lukas Podolski for instance, many pundits and fans rave on about Mario Gomez and Robert Lewandowski who have 26 and 22 goals respectively in the German Bundesliga, both strikers play for teams with a wealth of creative/ World class players e.g. Ribery, Robben, Shweinstiger, Kagawa, Gotze etc and both play for teams who were challenging for the title and both teams who met in the cup final, yet Lukas Podolski managed to grab 18 goals and assisted 7 in a team fighting against relegation and with no recognized world class talent beside him, shows you just what we’ve got on our hands.

So what do we need? I think our priorities are the GK,RB and CDM positions. We urgently need cover and competition for Szczesny, that’ll hopefully reduce the complacency we saw of him last season. At RB, Jenkinson to put it bluntly just isn’t good enough yet, the best option would probably be to loan him to a PL club to get some experience and a greater understanding of the game, so I’d say we need a decent RB who can cover Sagna whenever he is unavailable. Last season we looked exposed in the middle of the park, I think a real tenacious and disciplined CDM would do us the world of good or an alternative could be to wait for Jack Wilshere’s return and play him in his deep box to box role and buy a creative, playmaking CAM instead. With Walcott, Gervinho, Miyaichi and the Ox our only players capable of playing on the wing, perhaps an established winger would be something we need if we count Giroud and Podolski as our main striking options, otherwise if we count Podolski as a winger, then assuming we offload Bendtner,Chamakh,Park and Vela then another striker is essential.

Following news of Van persie, speculation has risen of Theo Walcott considering his future, I personally would take that with a pinch of salt and see it more as hot air than anything else. This speculation stems from the on-the-field chemistry Theo had with Van persie assisting many of his goals and Van persie returning the favour by praising him for the assists. However, if there is any truth in this story then we shouldn’t be too worried also because in truth we can do a lot better than Theo on the wing. Firstly the boy isn’t a winger, and has declared many a time his ambition to play through the middle, and are we ever going to give him that opportunity? Doubt it. Unlike Theo we have players of whom their natural position is on the wing (Miyaichi, Gervinho and Ox), players who want to play in that position and can actually have an influence on the game. For anyone who watched Bolton last year, they will understand what a prospect Miyaichi is, almost similar pace to Walcott, bags of skill decent final ball, good link up play and carries out his defensive duties well, the only question marks that arise of Miyaichi is his inexperience and his body strength, nothing that can’t be resolved in time though.

Gervinho started off really brightly last season assisting for Rvp against Udinese, Stoke(2) and Chelsea, however it seemed as though his profligacy seemed to undo all his good work with simple chances like those against Tottenham and Chelsea gone begging. As said many times before, a player should never be judged on his first season; I remember Koscielny’s debut season, plagued with error and playing with little confidence and now has turned out to be one of the season’s outstanding performers.  Gervinho’s stats prove that while at Lille he contributed to goals more than Hazard while both were at the club, so he does have the quality no doubt.

So, what is my overriding point?  Well losing a player of Van Persie’s calibre would be a massive blow to any side not only to Arsenal, but we as a club ARE strong enough to cope with his loss. One potential positive that could result as a result of Rvp’s departure could be the sharing of responsibility throughout the squad, as we saw last season with Fabregas’s departure up stepped up Alex Song who became the creative head in midfield, who knows what could happen after Rvp leaves? From what I hear from some Gooners it seems as though we’ve forgotten what a squad we have, in Wilshere and Diaby we have two quality players still come back and we have Rosicky also, many of our players played last season coming back from injury, having a fully fit and raring Andre Santos, Diaby and Wilshere next season effectively will be like new signings. Above all else we have a fantastic manager in Arsene Wenger and we should put our faith in him, a man who has practically worked miracles with the resources available. What an amazing man.

My 2012/13 with 4-2-3-1:












Mean Lean's Response

Thank you Cesc Fabulous and apologies for the huge delay in putting this up. To do lists have magically stayed the same and time is speeding by the to do lists in record time.

It seems like such a long time ago since the van Persie statement of doom. Everything felt terrible at the time and I must say, I feel far better today and I am sure you do also.

I would love to hear what Robin van Persie has to say about ambition or disagreeing with the clubs direction today. I didn't buy it at the time and I certainly do not buy it now. Without wanting to jump the gun, it is safe to say that we are close to buying Santi Cazorla along with strikers Lukas Podolski and Oliver Giroud. In the last two summers we have been buying the way Arsene used to when he came to the club. Or perhaps more to the point, he is now able to buy how he used to.

The financial shackles have been loosened from his wrists and we are rebuilding our squad in a big way.

Andre Santos, Per Mertesacker, Gervinho, Mikel Arteta, Lukas Podolski, Oliver Giroud and hopefully Santi Cazorla are not kids they are established players who either have a point to prove or are coming towards their peak years.

With or without Robin van Persie, I am utterly convinced that we will be a much better side than last season. There is little reason why we shouldn't be able to close down that large point gap last season between us and the Manchester clubs. It may or may not be enough for the title but we should be able to give it a much better go and that can only be positive,

I am very interested to see what shape the squad looks in by September 1st.

Before I go, can I point Android users in the direction of the new Arsenal Vision mobile phone app.

iPhone and Blackberry hopefully to come soon. If you are an app creator then please give me a shout.

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