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I was going to write an article titled "optimism", I was going to talk about how I and many more gooners were truly optimistic about the coming season for the first time in six years. I was going to write that by looking at the players we signed since deadline day last season till know we could see that something has changed in our transfer policy. I was going to write that even if we sold RVP to City or Juventus we would cope. I was going to say that it looks like wenger was making a statement by keeping RVP and not selling to United. I was going to say that finally the board acknowledged that keeping him gives us more chances of winning silverware this season which would give us a huge advantage in negotiating our new shirt sponsorship & kit supplier deals next season, an advantage that could land us more money that selling him to a rival, even more money that him leaving for free next season wouldn't be a financial blow.

But it wasn't meant to be. I really wouldn't have minded id he went abroad, I even wouldn't have minded if he went to city, they can only put 11 players on the pitch so if he comes in instead of aguero or tevez they won't be that stronger. But selling him to United!!! A team really short on goalscorers, a team that is likely to be our rivals if we are seriously thinking about winning a trophy this season, a manager that hasn't managed to get any of his prime targets for the past two seasons??!! This I'm not taking very well. Just a few days ago Wenger came out and said that Giroud & Podolski were not brought in to replace him, so does this mean we're going to get a replacement? ofcourse not. I would have rather he said that we don't want to lose our best player but we already got reinforcements in case it happens. I want the club to be more sincere and direct to its fans.

Some might say that we actually went and got 3 class players, and to that I totally agree but making us weaker while making a rival stronger is just stupid. And now it looks like song is heading to spain for our annual gift to the Barca gods. Suddenly we have no defensive midfielder. Yes we might get Sahin or M'villa in the next few days but the league starts in 3 days I would have preferred we had gotten a replacement already.

I can not deny that we're in a much better position than we were last season, and yes we went out and bought 3 quality players but that doesn't mean we've done things the right way, because frankly anything compared to last summer is a step up. I'm not so optimistic as I was a few hours ago, I really thought ManUtd are out of the running this season due to their lack of a true goal scorer and thanks to us they have him.

I really do hope we don't sell song as well even if there are better players out there and I really hope we have another transfer up our sleeves not just to get the fans optimistic again but the players as well. Just today Vermaelin was talking about how he wished RVP stays, he must be a little let down now and if Song leaves as well that would just have a bad effect on team morale.

I really hope we win something this year, I really hope whatever it is we have at our club that makes all of our best players leave ends with us winning a trophy or with a change in the board or manager mentality because I can see the headlines of summer 2013 already "Wilshere signs for City" " Iniesta: Cazorla has Barca DNA" or since we sold our best to United we could see "Vermaelin a Spur" (maybe the last one is a little over board but with the way things are going you never know ).

Mean Lean's Response

I had been expecting and waiting for the confirmation after having thought that I had dealt with the prospect of Robin van Persie leaving Arsenal, even to Manchester United but when I saw the news on I must admit, I felt pretty horrible.

Robin van Persie's behaviour has certainly made me evaluate how I view an Arsenal player from now on.

But let us remember that it was the player that forced his way out and not the club. He would really need to convince me that Manchester United have a stronger squad without RVP moving to them. That could well be a biased view and we do not know how the new players will settle but on paper we have the strongest squad that we have had for a while now. But without even completing our work in the market, van Persie has questioned our direction.

Either we kept a 29 year old player who didn't want to be there in the hope that he repeats the one season that he has never had before in his whole career or we gain £24m to reinvest in the midfield and defence.

As long as we continued to buy quality as we have so far this summer then we will become a better team and squad even without the best forward in the league last season.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more