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Written by Ahmed El Hawary on Wednesday, 15 August 2012 21:22

I was going to write an article titled "optimism", I was going to talk about how I and many more gooners were truly optimistic about the coming season for the first time in six years. I was going to write that by looking at the players we signed since deadline day last season till know we could see that something has changed in our transfer policy. I was going to write that even if we sold RVP to City or Juventus we would cope. I was going to say that it looks like wenger was making a statement by keeping RVP and not selling to United. I was going to say that finally the board acknowledged that keeping him gives us more chances of winning silverware this season which would give us a huge advantage in negotiating our new shirt sponsorship & kit supplier deals next season, an advantage that could land us more money that selling him to a rival, even more money that him leaving for free next season wouldn't be a financial blow.

But it wasn't meant to be. I really wouldn't have minded id he went abroad, I even wouldn't have minded if he went to city, they can only put 11 players on the pitch so if he comes in instead of aguero or tevez they won't be that stronger. But selling him to United!!! A team really short on goalscorers, a team that is likely to be our rivals if we are seriously thinking about winning a trophy this season, a manager that hasn't managed to get any of his prime targets for the past two seasons??!! This I'm not taking very well. Just a few days ago Wenger came out and said that Giroud & Podolski were not brought in to replace him, so does this mean we're going to get a replacement? ofcourse not. I would have rather he said that we don't want to lose our best player but we already got reinforcements in case it happens. I want the club to be more sincere and direct to its fans.

Some might say that we actually went and got 3 class players, and to that I totally agree but making us weaker while making a rival stronger is just stupid. And now it looks like song is heading to spain for our annual gift to the Barca gods. Suddenly we have no defensive midfielder. Yes we might get Sahin or M'villa in the next few days but the league starts in 3 days I would have preferred we had gotten a replacement already.

I can not deny that we're in a much better position than we were last season, and yes we went out and bought 3 quality players but that doesn't mean we've done things the right way, because frankly anything compared to last summer is a step up. I'm not so optimistic as I was a few hours ago, I really thought ManUtd are out of the running this season due to their lack of a true goal scorer and thanks to us they have him.

I really do hope we don't sell song as well even if there are better players out there and I really hope we have another transfer up our sleeves not just to get the fans optimistic again but the players as well. Just today Vermaelin was talking about how he wished RVP stays, he must be a little let down now and if Song leaves as well that would just have a bad effect on team morale.

I really hope we win something this year, I really hope whatever it is we have at our club that makes all of our best players leave ends with us winning a trophy or with a change in the board or manager mentality because I can see the headlines of summer 2013 already "Wilshere signs for City" " Iniesta: Cazorla has Barca DNA" or since we sold our best to United we could see "Vermaelin a Spur" (maybe the last one is a little over board but with the way things are going you never know ).

Mean Lean's Response

I had been expecting and waiting for the confirmation after having thought that I had dealt with the prospect of Robin van Persie leaving Arsenal, even to Manchester United but when I saw the news on I must admit, I felt pretty horrible.

Robin van Persie's behaviour has certainly made me evaluate how I view an Arsenal player from now on.

But let us remember that it was the player that forced his way out and not the club. He would really need to convince me that Manchester United have a stronger squad without RVP moving to them. That could well be a biased view and we do not know how the new players will settle but on paper we have the strongest squad that we have had for a while now. But without even completing our work in the market, van Persie has questioned our direction.

Either we kept a 29 year old player who didn't want to be there in the hope that he repeats the one season that he has never had before in his whole career or we gain £24m to reinvest in the midfield and defence.

As long as we continued to buy quality as we have so far this summer then we will become a better team and squad even without the best forward in the league last season.

Comments (30)

  • Desmond S
    I really hope Barca are not successful in their attempts to land another Arsenal player. They have been robbing us for years now. If Song does end up going to Barca I am sure Wenger will say we already have a replacement - Coquelin
  • Daniel  - feeder club
    Now RVP has one to MU,Wenger has to show he can get the gunners to challenge. Otherwise if the gunners are not successful,more will leave and the gunners will truly be a feeder club. I know ffp will make for a level field but I have my doubts.
    Mu have commercial deals to generate income. If it were based on income from the stadium,the gunners have a chance. To be successful with commercial deals,the Arsenal brand must be a winner. Since 2004,th gunners have won nothing. So it's a vicious cycle. Start winning games and trophies and be a winner. Then sponsors will come a begging.
    otherwise I see dark clouds on the horizon.
  • sb
    We don't need players like r.i.p. We have lost some of our best players in past few years, but again , no one player is bigger then the club.C'mon you gunnersss!!!
  • gaya
    Mean Lean,
    its a shame it has come to the point where we don't trust the club anymore with what they say.
    The strikers that came in were proclaimed by Wenger they were not replacements but now they are.
    I do not hold anything against Van Persie, he wants extra pay and the club aint willing to offer.
    This will not be the end of it cos other players will get to that point where they demand extra and the club wont match it either. so lets all get used to it.

    Song leaving would be a blow to me and i don't care what is said about him. He is a good player for us and that brings me to thinking out of mistrust. What if Cazola was a replacement in midfield if Song leaves?
    It would make sense in terms of balance their books according to Arsenal
  • peter  - Not song again!!!!!!
    No! we cant afford to loose the player who made RVP last summer's top scorer to who again not to bar-ca they need to give us a break no they don have arsenal as their academy whenever a player show's fantastic improvement they robe them from us we need to put our foot down and frustrate this attempt by the Catalan giants!!!!
  • akinloye  - we should let down with van persie decision
    We arsenalfans should believe that no any single player, no manager or even boardstaff is bigger than his club, no matter what the issue may be, arsenal still remain arsenal and that is how it will, till the life end. We have already know we ll loose our captain this summer after the ductman has refused to extend his contract at arsenal despite the increase offer of the club record to make him the highest paid player in the emirates stadium. The striker forfeited everything on july by declaring from his twitter account that he is leaving the club this summer and allege the club that has endured the long time injury with him of lacking ambition. All that arsenal need now is to buy at least a defender and a striker like kevin mirallas.
  • Man United Killa  - What????
    What a Shame!
  • akinloye  - sorry
    we should not let down instead. Iam very sorry my fellow gunners
  • akinloye  - sorry
    we should not let down instead. Iam very sorry my fellow gunners
  • gaya
    if you honestly believe the club is bigger than any one person, then the board and manager would do everything to defend the club's history, tradition and place in the league.
    Sir Alex refused point blank to sell to Liverpool no matter what.
    maybe we need to understand that Arsenal is run like a proper business and no strings attached.
  • Ken
    So, it seems that once again Wenger has pulled out a lie. And IF the money obtained from the sale of Van Persie is not used for buying anyone and the combined fee for selling the squid, Bendtner and van Persie amounts to the sum used for Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud.
    Amount spent =amount received from sales and amount invested by AFC equals to zero again.
    Does anyone expect Wenger and the board to change after seven years without a trophy?
    Does anyone still believe Wenger will not lie anyone?
    Liar,liar and damn liar.
  • Daniel
    Wenger said he had no choice but to sell to MU. He had a choice and that is let RVP run down his contract.That will mean forgoing 24 million.Frm a business pt of view it doesn't make sense. But from the soccer view it does make sense.
    All this would not have happened had the fm swallowed his ego/pride and bought the experienced players.The worst thing was to persist witha sub std gk for five years.If the gunners had a decent gk,they could have won either an FA or epl trophy.
    With Song presumably moving and Wenger promoting another kid,it better work. The time for experiments with kids is over. Time is of the essence.If Wenger can't deliver he ought to move for he was the one responsible for decline of Arsenal since 2004.
  • 'desi'gner gooner  - good riddance I say....
    I think all of us would agree that having Van Pursey in our squad would have made us stronger than not having him in it. But the bottom line is that our lad Pursey was behaving Pricey and wanting to dictate terms to the club. Now the club and the manager can never let that happen no matter who that player is....

    Wenger must have made up his mind pretty early on this. I am sure if he had let this drag on till the last three days of the window - City would have jumped in with a couple of million extra but the deal has been done right now with a purpose of not letting the saga unsettle our start of the season - like it did last season. Also it gives us enough time to re-invest.

    ML you wrote that it allows us to re-invest in midfield & defence. I think by defence you are alluding to a back up at Right full back because in the centre and left back areas - we are pretty well stocked. In midfield I am not too sure whether we need reinforcements especially if you consider Wilshere will play at some stage this season. I think we definitely need another striker because having Chamakh as third choice striker makes me really uneasy. Also considering that Podolski might be employed out wide and Giroud in the middle in the same line up - we will need another striker to make an impact as a sub or even in case of injuries(I know I know....) to either or both Podolski & Giroud.

    The deal for Song is a different kettle of fish. We are in a strong position in this case. He still has three years left on his contract and basically we should just tell Barcelona -" F*ck off ...see you after a couple of years. And hey btw what happened to all those Wilsheres in your academy that Pep talked about after losing to us at the Emirates. Why don't you pull out one of those Wilsheres from your academy instead of buying our laddie Song...?. And yeah finally F*ck off...."
    If we do sell Song then one has to question the club and the manager....We cant have 5 new signings every season and expect the team to gel. Especially in areas where Mr.Song plies his trade....
  • Spectrum  - Mostly agree....
    Good article, Ahmed Al-Hawary. A sensible analysis. NOW do you see it, A.K.B.'s ? We are a business FIRST. A football club SECOND. On-field success is NOT our top priority anymore. Keeping the profits rolling in, is. But the appearance of some ambition must be kept up. Hence our new signings. But how naive of you all to think that the club has genuinely changed its priorities. Your illusions of new season optimism don't look quite so rosy now, do they ? Welcome to the real world of Arsenal F.C.

    You're right Ahmed, about the way the RVP transfer has been handled through the media - "I would have rather he said that we don't want to lose our best player but we already got reinforcements in case it happens. I want the club to be more sincere and direct to its fans."
    My thoughts exactly. Why wasn't / isn't the club more open ? Why are they embarassed to tell it plainly ? Why this culture of lies, secrecy and deception ?

    One thing I don't agree with you on, however. That United lack goalscorers. They aren't doing too badly at all in that department. Rooney, Chicarito, Welbeck, Young, Giggs, Berbatov, Valencia and now Van Persie. They scored fifteen more than us in the league, and just four less than the champions, Manchester City. And by the way richie, if you're reading this - yes, ideally I would gladly swap some of our defenders for some of theirs. Vidic, Ferdinand, Phil Jones and Evra are vastly superior to some of the dross we have - and you all know who I'm talking about.

    The very least we should expect now is for ALL of that Van Persie fee ( and more ) to be re-invested back in to the team. To not do so would be gross neglect. We need another striker now that RVP is gone, and more URGENTLY, we need to get those defensive reinforcements in ; DM and full backs in particular. The way we're going ( again ), we'll be leaving these vital areas unaddressed until the last minute, if ever. We have much more left to do yet.

    We're watching you, Le Senile, Gazidis and co. !

  • MeanLean
    Spectrum, totally unrelated but wanted to hear your views.

    What do you make of red and white holdings only coming out talking about Arsenal when there is bad news and failing to show when things are going well? What I find hilarious are their transparent talk of being Arsenal supporters. They are an utter joke aren't they? To think that some fall for it.

    What is your take on them?
  • Gary
    @Spectrum - when you talk about "dross" amongst our defenders I can only assume that you are talking about our 4th and 5th choices at CB. To suggest that we should have the likes of Evra, Ferdinand and Jones in stead is hilarious. Manure fans are screaming for new defenders, complaining because old rednose signed vanpursie in stead. I suspect that you are a spud trolling arsenal websites. If I am right, please grow up and get a life
  • MeanLean
    Gary, he doesn't do realism because it destroys his arguments. He will just come back with something that he read in the newspaper. Like when he had a go at Wenger because an article linked Del Piero with us. He even quoted the tabloid. Funny really.
  • C-tiger  - Keep Van Pursie?!
    Keep Van Pursie? Really, after his behaviour? No body needs that kind of cancer in a dressing room. And he would have had a malignant influence believe me! Any claims that he would have behaved professionally can only be naive given his recent behaviour/comments.

    I didn't want him to go but under the circumstances, I'm glad he's gone and that we could make as much money.
  • Spectrum
    Gary - I was responding to richie's question from an earlier article on here, regarding the relative merits of our defenders. He was talking hypothetically of course, as it could obviously never happen. I thought you might have been smart enough to realise that ? But for argument's sake - was Squillaci for example, not our first choice defender for a time ? And to a lesser extent, Djourou ? And whilst not exactly dross, would you rather have Gibbs or Evra ?

    And typical of Mean Lean to dredge up that post of mine about Del Piero. I said at the time that I didn't necessarily believe the story, but that it was the sort of thing that Wenger was typically likely to think about. So it could possibly have some legs. A player on the cheap is always an attraction for your Great Leader isn't it ? But Mean couldn't resist an attempt at ridicule, just the same.

    Thankfully nothing came of it. So we were all relieved weren't we ? I certainly was.

  • RyDawg  - Still Excited
    I have to admit, seeing it in print that RVP was heading to United was a punch in the stomach. It is really going to be hard seeing him in a Man U kit next year. On the other hand, I haven't been this excited for a season to start in awhile. We have top quality all across the pitch and respectable depth throughout the squad. The team seems upbeat and willing to go the extra mile for each other. If RVP wasn't all in then good riddance to him. He is a world class player and, no doubt, will make United better but we couldn't afford to keep someone who wasn't fully invested. Let somebody else play that wants it more.
  • Anonymous  - A couple of points.
    The reason why arsenal didn't tell the truth with regard to the signings of podilski and giroud was because it would be admitting that we are willing to sell hence weakening our position on the market.

    Regarding djourou and squillaci being first choice as I recall this was I only due to injuries. Considering that man unt were playing the likes of carrick at centre back I would say our depth is reasonably across the defender apart from perhaps at right back.
  • Gary
    @Spectrum - was Evans not manure's only proper defender for a time last season? And to be honest, I would rather have Gibbs or Santos than Evra, who is a real piece of ... Which of manure's defenders would make our first team - not one is better than Vermaelen or Koscielny or Sagna (and in my personal opinion Gibbs or Santos). Now if you were talking about swapping Squillaci for Vidic or Jones, to come and sit on our bench, I will admit that I mis-interpreted your attitude and your loyalty. However, when disparaging remarks regarding our team and our manager flows so easily from your keyboard, I doubt that I was wrong. As for buying a player on the cheap - compare Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud with Carrol, Torres and now Fletcher - I think you should be singing the praises of Mr Wenger in stead of making little snide comments. Yes sometimes things will not work out - just think about Bebe, Berbatov, Hargreaves, Owen, Anderson - all signed by someone you obviously worship.
  • dy  - switch side
    if anyone who is not happy with any of the Arsenal players , it's actually easier if you jog off to support another team of your choice. It's free, you know, instead of wanting to replacing this player or that player in the team.
  • guitougoal  - rvp hostage
    You just can't keep a player who wants out the last year of his contract. It's impossible,he won't be productive and you might lose the opportunity to cah in. After the meeting in May Wenger held him hostage until he got a right price for his ransom :24M. That was the best he could do.
  • Jaconite Gunner  - Spectrum
    I have not posted for months and even I remember the absolute dross that you (Spectrum) came out with arsenal interested in sighning Del Piero.

    Today you are clearly backtracking which on top of your usual ridiculous rants makes your posts even less credible (if that was even possible).
  • Man United Killer  - I hate to say...I told you so
    AFC (Arsenal Feeder Club) has done it again.It wouldn't hurt so much if the money from sale of KEY players was ploughed back into the development of the team.
  • Gooner80
    Oh look, Arsenal sell a player and guess who turns up. Arsenal buy a world class talent in Cazorla and MUK is nowhere to be seen. Do one.
  • Fatso  - Alex Song is on his way to Barcelona in a deal wor
    Instead of saying "we don't need players who are not committed" we need to ask "Why are they leaving?"
  • Fatso
    Alex Song is on his way to Barcelona in a deal worth £17million. - Metro
  • fergo  - RVP
    Sad to say it....but if a player wants to win cups, medals, titles.......they have to leave the ambition.....just to keep finninshing in the top 4 and get the TV money and give it to the board and sharholders...thats more no less..

    Henry........left for a champions league medal.

    Fabregas....the same.

    Clichy..........All won a premier title.

    Song...... Expect a La liga title or CL medal.

    Expect Walcott / Oxlade Chamberline / Ramsey to be gone sooner rather then later........they want to win things...not play for top 4.
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