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So, today I came home after a long day of work, logged on to and WHAT!? “Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United”. Are you serious right now? Has someone in upper management lost it? Which club in their right mind would sell their top scorer of last season to the team that almost won the title? The news sounded absolutely ridiculous to me. I just could not get over it. Could you imagine ManU allowing Rooney to leave for Arsenal? NEVER!

I see some people saying that it made good business sense. Sure, 24 million for a striker who sat on the sidelines for most of his career at Arsenal, had 1 fit season, a bad time at the Euros, and who just turned 29 makes some sense. There is a possibility he might get injured and miss another season, sure, but don’t sell him to those idiots! When Wenger made 3 good new signings I knew something was fishy, and at the back of my mind it just felt like one of them was signed to replace RVP. Today, my suspicions were confirmed. The fact of the matter is that no matter how pissed off I am right now, one of our best talents is gone and nothing can change that. We are Arsenal, top talents screw us every year, but we move on and get back to business.

The pre-season match against Cologne gave me some hope and showed me that we have an exciting season to look forward to. Giroud, Podolski and Carzola showed glimpses of brilliance. Carzola's vision and passing is excellent while Podolski is a lethal finsher and Giroud has good aerial prowess and ball control for a man of his stature. I cannot wait to see the new signings along with the Ox, Walcott and Gervinho tearing up the opposition.

Fingers crossed we don’t get too many injuries and maybe, just maybe we might win something this year.

RVP, thank you for all the goals last season but this move is a stab to the heart! I wish you all the best at ManU. Break a leg.

Mean Lean's Response

It has been a few days after you've sent this article through so I don't know if you feel any differently about the situation. From what I have read from a few trusted people, it seems as if van Persie and Manchester United were snuggling in bed together behind Gooners backs for a number of months now.

"Could you imagine ManU allowing Rooney to leave for Arsenal? NEVER!"

I am not so sure you can be that certain.

Flipping it around for a second, do you think Alex Ferguson would stand for Rooney having pretty much agreed terms with Arsenal, slagging off the direction of the club, making outlandish demands that were never going to be met (not just financial) and having a year left on his contract? That year could fly by and the same player could move to the same club for zlich. Nadda.

I hate the fact that he is at Manchester United but with the contract rules the way they are, we were powerless. Unless we wanted to save face (or bite our nose off to spite our face) for 12 months and lose £24m which is more than likely to (partly I'd imagine) be reinvested back into the squad.

As Wenger said, we would have rather he went to PSG but that would need a) the club to be interested and bid and b) van Persie choose to go there and accept their terms. That obviously didn't happen for any of the big clubs abroad, if it did then we would have sold him elsewhere,

It is going to hurt to watch him score goals for that lot, it really will but ultimately a player at the end of his contract can pretty much dictate his future. This is the case.

At least we should be stronger as a squad this time and that for me at least, softens the blow a little. I cannot remember being as excited as I am about watching Santi Cazorla make his Arsenal debut.

All we can do is move on and focus on what we have and from what I have seen, we have a lot to look forward to,

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