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Written by Desmond S on Thursday, 16 August 2012 00:39

So, today I came home after a long day of work, logged on to and WHAT!? “Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United”. Are you serious right now? Has someone in upper management lost it? Which club in their right mind would sell their top scorer of last season to the team that almost won the title? The news sounded absolutely ridiculous to me. I just could not get over it. Could you imagine ManU allowing Rooney to leave for Arsenal? NEVER!

I see some people saying that it made good business sense. Sure, 24 million for a striker who sat on the sidelines for most of his career at Arsenal, had 1 fit season, a bad time at the Euros, and who just turned 29 makes some sense. There is a possibility he might get injured and miss another season, sure, but don’t sell him to those idiots! When Wenger made 3 good new signings I knew something was fishy, and at the back of my mind it just felt like one of them was signed to replace RVP. Today, my suspicions were confirmed. The fact of the matter is that no matter how pissed off I am right now, one of our best talents is gone and nothing can change that. We are Arsenal, top talents screw us every year, but we move on and get back to business.

The pre-season match against Cologne gave me some hope and showed me that we have an exciting season to look forward to. Giroud, Podolski and Carzola showed glimpses of brilliance. Carzola's vision and passing is excellent while Podolski is a lethal finsher and Giroud has good aerial prowess and ball control for a man of his stature. I cannot wait to see the new signings along with the Ox, Walcott and Gervinho tearing up the opposition.

Fingers crossed we don’t get too many injuries and maybe, just maybe we might win something this year.

RVP, thank you for all the goals last season but this move is a stab to the heart! I wish you all the best at ManU. Break a leg.

Mean Lean's Response

It has been a few days after you've sent this article through so I don't know if you feel any differently about the situation. From what I have read from a few trusted people, it seems as if van Persie and Manchester United were snuggling in bed together behind Gooners backs for a number of months now.

"Could you imagine ManU allowing Rooney to leave for Arsenal? NEVER!"

I am not so sure you can be that certain.

Flipping it around for a second, do you think Alex Ferguson would stand for Rooney having pretty much agreed terms with Arsenal, slagging off the direction of the club, making outlandish demands that were never going to be met (not just financial) and having a year left on his contract? That year could fly by and the same player could move to the same club for zlich. Nadda.

I hate the fact that he is at Manchester United but with the contract rules the way they are, we were powerless. Unless we wanted to save face (or bite our nose off to spite our face) for 12 months and lose £24m which is more than likely to (partly I'd imagine) be reinvested back into the squad.

As Wenger said, we would have rather he went to PSG but that would need a) the club to be interested and bid and b) van Persie choose to go there and accept their terms. That obviously didn't happen for any of the big clubs abroad, if it did then we would have sold him elsewhere,

It is going to hurt to watch him score goals for that lot, it really will but ultimately a player at the end of his contract can pretty much dictate his future. This is the case.

At least we should be stronger as a squad this time and that for me at least, softens the blow a little. I cannot remember being as excited as I am about watching Santi Cazorla make his Arsenal debut.

All we can do is move on and focus on what we have and from what I have seen, we have a lot to look forward to,

Comments (26)

  •  - gooner for life
    If you remember last season at the beginning we were all in dispair, this season we have signed some exciting tallent and with the ox.and jack hopefull back this season looks to very exciting also if we had wanted to we could have tied robin up to a new contract 18 months 2 years ago but at the time no one new he would have the season of his life no ones fault its just life i hope he has a good season but,that we have a better one and dont forget he is going to cost manu a small fortune over the next 4years and with the new fair play rules how might this affect them happy gooner. :D
  • tfSmudge  - 7 trophy-less years under Dein ?
    I'm posing the question: would we really be trophy-less if Dein was still around – I really think not. The loyalty of the board at Arsenal have been tested and found to be woefully short in their decision making. Bring back David Dein I say, bring him back now with a full pardon from all concerned here at Arsenal to work his magic once again.

    I don't see RVP's departure as anything more than a storm in a tea cup. He's had some awful seasons at Arsenal and for me last year he peaked. But the fact he went to one of our main rivals at United, who don't forget beat us 8-2 last year, was crazy and avoidable.

    To throw yet more petrol on the fire the whole move came about after a head-to-head with the Arsenal board. I would have let him sit on the bench and stamp his feet like the spoilt overfed child he is, but we obviously need the money.

    As a loyal Arsenal supporter, I will always be supportive of my team and the club, but that unfortunately doesn't include the present board. What's needed I feel is someone who's Arsenal through and through, with charisma, who pulls strings when necessary and stops all our potential targets going to our rivals and works closely with Wenger – isn't that what we had in Dein ? So what did happen to our other Mr Arsenal then ? Well we dumped him, or rather the present board dumped him coincidentally and ironically 7 trophy-less years ago !

    The 'Wenger out' argument is futile while Dein, the man who put him there in the first place is being further squeezed out of the club.
  • Desmond S
    @ML - I see you are on top of things now-a-days :D I like your little comment there about the possibility of my feelings changing over the last few days. As a matter of fact they have. I have had the time to calm down and take things into perspective and I agree that 24 million is better than nothing but it is still ManU and it stills kills me to see him in that jersey.
  • Me
    Every season we get weaker while our rivals get stronger. Wenger knew this was going to happen. One again we spend what we make. No ambition no fucking chance....Wenger is a twat...
  • rellends  - rvp
    yeah, we move on and get behind the lads tomorrow. some of the stuff i've read about his outrageous demands, if true, are shocking. and once he issued that incendiary statement then we had no choice but to sell him. utd have put together a 60m + deal for somebody that has a very dubious injury record and could get crocked for 5 months in the next international break. at least we won't be crossing everything and scanning websites for updates as to why he was withdrawn after 57 minutes in a qualifier against bosnia hercegovina anmore. granted it's not great that he's gone to man utd and we've all had to put up with that on facebook for the last 48 hours, but we move on. can't wait to (hopefully) see cazorla on my stream come 3:01 tomorrow afternoon. i know there are doubts about over the fitness of our 3 new signings but if arsene has any sense whatsoever he'll start at least 2 of them tomorrow purely for a much needed feel good factor that we all need. a good performance tomorrow with new boys hitting form and we will all forget about him. until, at least, monday night when he'll inevitably score on his debut against everton. personally, i think it's a massive act of vanity by utd in buying him given that they wanted to get one over on city. plenty of utd fans i know think that as well and wonder why they didn't fork out for somebody half decent in midfield. but anyway, as i said earlier, we move on.
  • rellends
    smudge, if dein loved arsenal so much then perhaps he could have a word with his son who advises the likes of van persie, clichy, fabregas and song. another blog picked up on this today and mentioned that with song now being moved out of the club we are now severing our ties with darren dein once and for all.
  • matthew
    Would we really like to be like manu, chelsea or man city owners who throw money at there clubs like its water or would we rather be like arsenal a self sustaining business that lives within its means,with the debt on the stadium coming down and new advertising contracts to be done soon money should be come more available in the near future as for those of you who moan about arsenal do any of you live and spend like the three clubs mentioned above NO you dont YOU would end up bankrupt. :D
  • dy  - competition
    I might be late here but got to say this, there're 20 teams in the EPL, Manu is not the only one competitor for the title. If Arsenal is to challenge for top honour, we're doing battles with the rest of 19 teams. Just winning against the top 5/6 and losing out to the others, never mind their standings at the league table, doesn't mean the war has won. No sir, its illogical to say selling RVP to Manu is different from selling to any other competitor in the league. Therefore the argument of the sale is wrong is totally absurd.
  • Paul N
    Me, can you wait before you make these damning claims. We lost Nasri and Cesc and moved up a place. We have 3 excellent signings, injured coming back and last season's signings with a year under their belts. Just watch this team shut you up.

    MeanLean, whats up bro?
  • The BearMan  - Sickening!
    It is sickening to hear some Arsenal Fans have been targeting RvP's wife and making death treats. This Type of behaviour is crossing the line! Arsenal did not sign a life time contract with RvP, the lad has the right to leave and continue where ever he desires. We as adults have to GROW up an accept that. The Whole of Arsenal owe RvP, his wife and children our apologies. Most of all we have to stop behaving like Gremlins and start being better ambassadors of the club we claim to support. Threatening behave is not football, but criminal attitude n behaviour. If supporting Arsenal FC means anything - the shout we should collectively make is "Not in our Name". All Bloggers should be leading this charge!!!
  • rellends
    agreed the BearMan. ultimately, despite how much the players claim they love the fans, the bottom line is that really they don't. i learnt a long time ago to love the team and not the players. as for the death threats to bouchra, we're the first condemn scousers for sending death threats to steve gerrard when he threatened to leave liverpool, and now a bunch of tools purporting to be arsenal fans and armed with nothing but low intellects, laptops and twitter accounts are doing exactly the same. morons.
  • bah!
    top piece, mate. :D
  • Anonymous
    :idea: :shock: :lol:
  • diaby
    Surely the main worry this summer is not RVP's departure but the weak defence not being addressed. What the lack of focus from AW bite us on the bum.
  • MeanLean
    What makes you think that our defence isn't being addressed? Improvements are mostly made on the training ground and a number of players have spoken about the work that has been done on the team shape.

    I I'm pretty surprised that you have not read any of this.

    Hey Paul, I am doing great very excited about the new season. How are you?
  • Andy Mack  - Dein
    Smudge, If Dein had his way, we'd be at either Highbury or Wembley, not the Grove.
    AW and the Board understand that football success runs mainly in Cycles and Money is an important part of the cycle.
    If you've lots of money then the cycle is usually in the top 3rd of the division.
    If you've no money the cycle is at best around the whole division and at worst around the whole league (like Wolves/Leeds/Forrest etc etc).
    Give a team a lot of money 'short term' the best they'll do what blackburn did in the mid 90s and what Chelsea and Money Citeh could do if they can't get their revenue stream up before the FFP comes into effect or their sugar daddies get bored.
    If we were still at highbury we may have won some silverware but we would be lining ourselves up for serious failure as we would have zero chance of generation the necessary income for the future.
    If we'd gone to Wembley, we wouldn't have a home. We haven't exactly been comfortable at the new wembley results wise and although we may have done so, it would never have been our home.
    So in answer to your question, if we'd followed Dein blindly we may have some silverware but we'd be looking down the wrong end of a 'long term' barrel.
    Make no mistake, I'd like DD to still be involved in the club and there is no doubt that if he'd done things the right way with Stan, he would still be with us. But he isn't the messiah!
  • Andy Mack
    diaby, exactly what is the problem with the defense?
  • Andy Mack  - 'Me' is a twat
    You are clearly a twat if you can't wait a couple of days to see what happens against sunderland!
    I guess you'r not completely stupid as you didn't use a 'recognised' name so that if you come on here next week after a 7-0 win against sunderland, you won't be recognised as a twat.
    But I'm pretty certain you'll quickly show yourself to be a twat no matter what name you use.
  • Paul N
    I'm good! Like you, I am excited. I feel the team is getting rid of the flakey players and the team will be better for it. The air is fresh and this team will be better than expected!
  • diaby
    Andy mack- where have u been???? U can't b a gooner otherwise u would know that last season we had the worst defensive record in years. The pattern of goals conceded had been gettin worst for several seasons. I'll let u off for being new but would recommend u read up and learn some facts before posting.
  • diaby
    ML if ur happy with Gibbs and jenkinson in the back four then good for u. I am not.
  • Andy Mack  - diaby-defense
    diaby, I was watching the games. It was our worst year for many but it was better than most of the PL teams. Our defense had some serious injuies (who could go most of a season without a player of Sagnas quality without noticing it?).JD is a much better CB than he's given credit for but he is still a step below where he should be and playing him as RB did him no favours. Merte is a bit like big phil but his positioning is much better. Not enough pace but reads the game much better (needs a quick partner in CB) and again a big injury.
    Our real problem defnsively wasn't so much the number of goals as the stupid way/times we conceded them.
    Far too many late in the half when we should have closed shop or very early so that opposition could park the bus. That unfortunately comes down to concentration. When you have to close the shop you must not get caught out of position and we did too often. Kozzer improved dramatically during the year. Jenks and Gibbs have great potential and hopefully being a year older they will also be a year wiser. Santos does see to be a bit flakey but it was his first year and hopefully Steve Bould can drill some routines into them all.
  • craig
    andy mack - what happened to your 7-0 win???
  • craig
    So the worst kept secret since RVP has been confirmed by a statement from the club this afternoon that Song is off to Barca. Lets sit back and wait for all of the comments flood in- how he is disloyal to Wenger, he's a twat, a money grabbing so and so etc,etc.

    Another player leaving a sinking ship!

  • Andy Mack
    Craig, who said there would be a 7-0 win?
    And how much of a twat would 'me' have looked of there had been a big win?
  • Andy Mack
    Funny how all the guys moaning about the 'project youth' (that was tried when we were too broke to do anything else) are now moaning when the 'project youth' team players are being sold off.
    They got close but no cigar (as the 'no silverware whingers keep pointing out). But now AW is 'shaking things up' and replacing much of the youth with slightly older players.
    It's a shame if Song does leave but even though he's had a fair few MOTM games, there are better out there. Lets see if AW buys one.
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