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Mean Lean's Intro

If we want to win Premier League multiples of trophies then we really need to keep hold of our squad, once that is done then I am convinced that we will start to see vast improvements.

Our chances currently are not very high but we have a good spine at the club, a spine of youngsters that can grow together. This time I believe they will stick around. Well that is the hope.

As you can see from the Champions League bets not many are routing for us, but it does not take much to change that. Well over to Joe to give his take on the Arsenal.

It's rubbish isn't it, being here again after the turmoil of last season? I had better hopes for this campaign I must say, even with the loss of our talisman striker.  I wonder, as I suspect many of you have too, why we find ourselves in this position again.

Individually, I think we have some of the best players in the league but I cannot understand why they look so average in certain games. The season started with so much promise too, clean sheets, defensive organisation, even scoring from corners.
Are we suffering from obsolete tactics - strategies that we adopted for players who have since moved to other clubs? I would argue that we definitely need a plan B in some cases.  Our passing is not as fast and intricate as it used to be and positionally we are more static, we also seem to be slower on the counter attack too.  A formation change might just do the trick as it did for Wigan last season, but I cannot see Arsene changing at this stage.

Has Wenger lost his way? I sincerely hope not but there are signs that things are not going according to plan. I will certainly not be writing him off yet though.  I think we need to give him a few more seasons before we can make a clear judgement on this. He has done a remarkable job keeping us in the top 4 every season since the move to the emirates and we are just emerging from that financial handicap now. It will be interesting to see how he evolves in this new landscape and I sincerely hope he achieves glory with Arsenal once more, I want him to leave us on a high note as I think he deserves that at least.

I think it is important for us to remember that ultimately, Arsenal is a business, whether we like it or not. Businesses operate for a single purpose which is of course to make as much money as possible. That does not mean however that those who operate the club cannot share the same interests as us fans. We want to see the club win trophies and that is surely also in the board's interests too, as a successful team is far more valuable and marketable than one that languishes in the realm of mediocrity. So I don't buy the argument that this board lack ambition.

As I touched upon earlier, we are emerging from a period of being financially constrained as a result of the stadium move and that was such a brave decision to take. It was managed very well even in the wake of a severe credit crisis and recession. The board will look too secure the club's future financially before being willing to make luxury signings and that is both sensible and wise.

Looking at the bigger picture for a moment, whatever the outcome of this season, Arsenal football club is in a very strong position compared to the majority of other clubs in Europe and around the world, and our time for glory will undoubtedly come once more.
Ultimately, we as fans have no control over how the club is run, who manages the team and which players are bought. All we can do is to cheer on the 11 men in red and white and remind them of what Arsenal really is and what it means to us.

Twitter: @Joecarbonuk

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  • 15 Sep 2015
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