Afternoon Gooners,

At the time of writing this the summer transfer window has been officially open for less than 4 days and we have already been linked with players such as Jovetic, Higuain, Fellani, Rooney, Cesc and Suarez.

Firstly, above all else, it’s nice to be linked with top names again, I know it means nothing unless they actually sign but to be seen publicly as a team that can compete for this calibre of player again is nice to see. With new financial deals being sealed and the likes of Arshavin, Squillaci, Bendtner, Djourou, Park, Denilson etc all coming off our wage bill it looks like the wallet is open and any restraints that were in place have now been removed. However, Arsenal are now at a stage where money may not be our biggest problem any more.

The thing with being linked with these kind of players is that they are all players that will only be prepared to move to a club that is likely to win them trophies and how many of them truly believe they can step Arsenal up a level all by themselves? My guess is none of them, and therein lies our problem. To completely over emphasis our situation, Arsenal are going through a revolution, this isn’t a normal summer adjustment to our team, this is (or at least needs to be) major surgery to our playing staff and ethos in the transfer market and to see the changes we all want we really need a catalyst to set everything in motion.

Top players want to play with other top players that they think can help them win titles and trophies. At the moment a player who is semi-regularly winning medals will look at our current squad and despite how highly we rate our own players, no one will give them that feeling that they will win more medals by moving to Arsenal. We need players to buy in to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal revolution.

The point I’m trying to make (yet somehow very successfully avoiding) is that we need a big name signing to be brave enough to trust Wenger and Arsenal and become that catalyst, with one top signing it will be easier to tempt a second, with two top signings we may be able to attract a third and after that top players will start looking at us as a real, attractive possibility rather than the career risk we may well seem at the moment.

For what it is worth, I think we will break our transfer record at least twice this summer bringing in top talent but that is based on not a lot more than unsupported optimism along with the quotes coming from Arsenal’s bigwigs in the boardroom. Higuain seems to have bought into Arsene Wenger's plans for the future of Arsenal and his arrival seems to be imminent and I truly hope that a player of his ability and reputation will become that catalyst we need and get other targets on board with the revolution so Arsenal can finally push on from this state of transition that the Emirates Stadium has left us in for what seems like an absolute eternity and once again challenge for titles.

Anyway, by the time you read this we will probably have spent all £100m+ in our kitty and be odds on favourite to complete the treble next year…………..

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Mean Lean's Response

Cheers John, I am not so sure that attracting top players would be much of an issue without other big players already here. We are a Champions League playing side that has money to spend, not only that but we have a manager that many players want to play for. A very underrated trump card I feel.

Higuain looks like heading to Arsenal without any other big money signings already at the club. Naturally players want to join a club that is on the up and you'd have to search high and wide to find a Gooner that doesn't think we are on the way up rather than down.

Like you, I am positive about the future both short and long so let us see who walks through the Arsenal doors and then we'll get a better idea of our chances.