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While a portion of Arsenal fans have been frustrated with the ‘lack’ of transfer activity so far this summer I personally have watched with satisfaction as to how Arsenal have conducted their business this summer. We have been linked with a host of top names and what seems refreshing to me has been our intent to sign some very top talent. In the last few itself there have been reports of solid bids having been sent in to sign Bender and Suarez, though both were rebuffed by the parent clubs.  The fact that we have taken such concrete measures to sign both players is a positive development for Arsenal even if Suarez’s ‘hunger’ for success can be a bit questionable at times. The Higuain deal has prolonged for a while now but I remain quietly confident of a deal being wrapped up. One can only hope it is wrapped up soon so that the player can link up with the squad for a fruitful pre season tour.

Ambitious and quality targets aside there have been some other very positive developments. The movement of all the deadweight that was hampering the side is a huge change. By getting rid of the likes of Djourou,Squillaci,Arshavin,Bendtner etc Arsenal have freed up the wage bill and space in the squad as well for some new competent signings. The clear out of the youth squad has also been a monumental change in my view. In my 8 years as an Arsenal fan this is the first time I have seen such a mass exodus of youth team players and just goes to show that the club now want to build a whole new generation of players who are competent enough to get into and perform well for the first team.

The one signing we have made so far,that of Yaya Sanogo on a free from Auxerre has been viewed with trepidation by  many an Arsenal fan. The player is a promising talent and has a penchant for scoring goals, some even spectacular ones judging by what I saw on Youtube. Given a bit of time and luck, I stress on the word luck due to his horrendous injury record, I think Sanogo could go far at Arsenal under Wenger’s tutelage.

Another important factor this time round for Wenger is the fact that there seems to be an air of stability(touchwood) around the status of players at the club. Everyone seems settled in their roles in the team(ok maybe Vermaelen is still a little unsettled). This kind of stability has been unheard of for a few years for Arsenal fans like myself who would wait with clenched teeth at the next superstar to leave the club for supposed greener pastures. Right from Henry to Fabregas to Robin Van ‘Judas’ Persie, almost every summer in recent memory has seen a high profile departure of a vital cog in Arsene’s team. This year round with Theo having ‘signed da ting’ a few months back along with a bulk of Arsenal’s new British core we can hope to enjoy a stress free summer that will see the influx rather than an efflux of top quality talent.

I look ahead to the new season with optimism. We may still be a little bit away from winning another league title, but an extended cup run could do the team a world of good. It is important to remember that this current lack of silverware is acting as a monkey on the back of both Wenger and the team. Like the Ancient Mariner who kept repeating his tale of woe, the media has ceaselessly kept reminding the Club of its failure to land a trophy and this has been a huge hindrance for the players. I hope Arsene can instill a bit of purpose in his players for next season to break this jinx. With a stable squad and one or two more quality signings things will definitely be on the up. Here is an adage that should help-“The night is always darkest before the dawn and that dawn is coming”- Harvey Dent

Mean Lean's Response

Your patience isn't being shared by many these days, I think it stems from fear, fear of going into the season with no new additions but if you shift the fear to one side and think about what we have done so far then bringing in new players is the only thing that makes sense.

We wouldn't be letting go of so many players if we had no intention of bringing in new players to supplement the squad. Ivan Gazidis, Arsene Wenger, Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere have all publicly spoken about the need to bring in quality, I see no reason why the club wouldn't.

I like everyone else would like to see players come in now but you have to assume that our targets are still a work in progress. We could have brought in 5 new players by now if we had wanted to but perhaps those five may not have been the players we would have wanted/needed. We have to get it right this summer and that means buying players with the quality of Cazorla and not Chamakh.

Players such as Suarez, Higuain, Rooney, Fellaini, Bale, Benteke and many more abroad are going to move this summer but the wheels are not fully in motion as yet. Once that happens then things will get moving on all fronts.

We all want the squad finished and ready yesterday but it is not always possible.

I nervously but confidently expect Arsenal to be in a far stronger position by the season start, the close of the window at the latest.

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