Today I'm going to talk about Arsenal and the future of the club.

I believe the future is bright. As many will agree the signing of Ozil has every Arsenal fan frothing from the mouth and with the record he has from 2010 to 2013, he has scored 55 goals and has assisted 122 goals while creating 314 goal scoring opportunities.
I am one of the few that kept faith in Arsene Wenger, as I read an article in 2009 that explained why Arsenal could not spend and why the wage budget was lower then other teams around the top 8 clubs in the league and it was all because Arsenal where paying for the new stadium.

The payment plan that was set for Arsenal had a time schedule that was set for 2015 but in 2011 it was announced that Arsenal's income made it possible to have the stadium paid off in 2013 and judging that in 2013 we announced that we had money to spend when all previous season's we didn't. This showed that what I had read was true. The exciting thing is that in the articles they explained that after we paid for the stadium we would have an income that would make us rival all the richest clubs.

But lets get back on track, now that Wenger has money to spend, he is spending and I believe he will sign more big names. From what I have heard the phone call Ozil and Wenger had was about Wenger explaining what he had planed and that is that he is going to make Arsenal into a Premier League title winning side and Champions League winning side and he plans to do that by buying big names like Ozil. This on top of how Arsenal's newly found confidence is making us play sounds like an unbelievable future but I well believe it you only have to look at the past to see the future. Wenger spent big in the past, Thierry Henry was £10 million, that was big money back in 1999 and he now has the money to make big signings like he once had.

Last but not least my thoughts of this season I think it shows promise with Man Utd, Man City and Tottenham not in my opinion looking as good as last season Arsenal most go for it this season with Giroud improving greatly and Ramsey becoming everything I thought he would I believe we can compete if Cesc Fabregas turned Adebayor into a 30 goals per season striker. Just imagine what Cazorla and Ozil together can do to an ever improving Olivier Giroud? And yes I was one Arsenal fan that did not turn my back on Ramsey.

I always said to my Arsenal friends that dissed him he would become top class if giving the chance and I haven't turned around and said I told you so. As I didn't need to every game Ramsey plays says it for me. Overall this season whatever the out come is just the beginning within the next 5 years Arsenal will win a title and you heard it here first, thanks for reading.

By Stefan Burns

Mean Lean's Response

The stadium will not be paid off for some time Stefan but there is no doubt that it is far more manageable now than back in 2006.

It is no coincidence that in the season where we have gained huge new commercial deals that we have broken our transfer record by over £25m. Players like Özil are why we moved to the Emirates in the first place, it has just been a case of having to wait patiently to get to this position.

But it is not just about spending big now, Arsene has been working very hard to develop a team of players around the signings like Özil, Cazorla, Arteta and company. The work that has gone into Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Walcott, Jenkinson, Chamberlain etc has almost gone unnoticed today as if they have just appeared. That is for another article that I want to write but yes, the future certainly looks very bright right now.

I am enjoying this start to the season. Long may it continue.