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The result against Liverpool, defeat, wasn’t too bad. Not many teams come away from Anfield with anything. But it was the manner in which we lost which is bothering, especially at this point in the season. Incoherence, no sort of link-up and absolute bluntness in front of goal lead us to getting demolished by a Liverpool team that were, quite simply, stunning on the day.

It has been a known fact that teams who take the game to arsenal have every chance of coming away with something. That’s exactly what Liverpool did, what the Manchester clubs, Everton etc. have all done at points this season. And looking at our run of fixtures, if nothing changes, we’re going to have to get used to these sorts of results.

That comes to my first change. Mesut ozil. Okay he came in to our team at the end of August, with our team in crisis. Yes he did have immediate impact and helped ‘raise’ the game of others such as Ramsey and Giroud. But he has been absolutely horrible over the last couple of months. Either it’s the fact that he needs runners off the ball to find, a mobile striker maybe who runs beyond the last man, but whatever it is it certainly isn’t working. He is too sluggish, does no defensive work and has even started misplacing the simplest of passes. (Crucify me but maybe CR7 made him look good)

Still I will give him the benefit of the doubt, first season, has played too many games etc. so he does need a rest. And i think right now, we have an upgrade on him in our squad. And he comes in the form of one of our longest serving players of the current squad, tomas rosicky. Our little Mozart is the wrong side of 30, yes, but he plays like he has the legs of a 20 year old. Full of pace, tackling, passing and work rate that defies his age. Earlier in the season, wenger, whether knowingly or not, used him in most of the ‘big’ games. And he turned in a top drawer performance every time. He embodies what our players should be, full of running, hard work and passion. And he is one player who should be given a run of games in this *words cannot describe how important* run of fixtures that we have coming up. Obviously, I am no Arsene Wenger, but surely he has to see rosicky’s qualities.

Moving on. Olivier Giroud. Yes he works hard, gives it his best, and plays for the team. But it’s time everyone realises, that isn’t good enough for a title winning team. There have to be certain players that every champion team must possess, and one of them is a game changing forward. Olivier is most certainly not that. He cannot run with the ball, cannot beat defenders with pace or skill, yes he can hold the ball up well and bring midfielders into play, but what happens when our midfielders aren’t on song, who then gives that moment of brilliance? Certainly not him. I really am a fan of giroud only because of the fact that he gives his all and has undoubted passion, but that is turning out to be not good enough anymore. But he’s what we have so we must stick with him and show faith in each and every one of our players, because if we don’t then who will? We need to be behind them regardless of what happens in the coming games. There will be change in the summer for sure, but till then we need to keep the faith. In Arsene We Trust.


Mean Lean's Response

Thank you for the article. Yes the performance and score line was shocking yesterday. Staring at the team sheets after it all finished I couldn't see how Liverpool had the better team on paper, especially not by that margin so I can only assume that we lost that game in the head. Given the fixtures in front of us, it is somewhat of a concern.

Looking at how the two teams started the game I can imagine Rodgers pumping up his team, telling them to pressure us all over the pitch and force errors out of us while at the same time I can imagine Arsène preaching patience and calm. Don't rush the game, our chances will come. I have written in the past how patience can be confused with complacency.

Many Gooners want Mesut Özil dropped/rested. I don't see it personally, not at all. It was only a few weeks ago when he was the only player to drive us on almost single handedly against Southampton after almost as poor a first half as we witnessed at Anfield. You are correct in saying that he misses runners. We saw what Coutinho did to us yesterday afternoon. He had Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge all making runs in behind to make use of the Brazilian's wonderful through passing gifts. Without Theo Walcott, Mesut has a queue of players coming to the ball wanting a quick touch and then give it back. Even with that in mind, Mesut has still created the most amount of chances in the Premier League this season. Without Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey, removing Mesut would mean very little creativity.

I love Rosicky, not many adore him more than I do but the truth is, he doesn't create chances. Not enough for the role he plays. We miss his energy and pressing. We miss the way he makes himself available for a pass and we miss the way he tracks back and goes in for the tackle. But Arsène will not drop Mesut Özil, not when he expects the German to improve. He would only drop him if he was giving up on him.

I think Rosicky may well come in for Santi. Arsène only plays Tomas in wide areas or number 10. He won't start him alongside Arteta in the eight position so we can forget about that. Giroud was horribly out of sorts at Anfield. I thought Rodgers got his tactics spot on against him practically crossing off our outlet by putting a man in front and behind Giroud whenever we played it long to him and he lost more balls than I can remember, especially this season. I miss a striker who has the ability to make something out of nothing. A striker who can skip past his man and drive into the box. Giroud isn't that player but we can't assume that having that player will give us what Giroud has in his locker also. Even if we had a super talent in attack it would be very possible that we would bemoan the fact that player x cannot do what Giroud can do at certain points in a game.

For me the personnel wasn't the main issue, although Arteta and Wilshere do not seem to work together, it was the mind set of the players. I'd be more than happy to see the same 11 take to the pitch on Wednesday but this time looking like they are hungry for the fight.

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