By the time this article is published, I am sure that most of our twitter profile pictures will be of Sanchez holding the Arsenal Shirt. How big is this for Arsenal? What is the message we are sending out to our rivals? Is it bigger than Ozil ?.  Without a doubt, Alexis Sanchez is a game changing signing in every sense - Transfer Market, Commercials and top of it all, On the Field.

Transfer Market

Even though Ozil signing changed the perception of a spend thrift Arsenal, surely most of the Gooners were still a bit sceptical about our transfers. Sanchez signing puts a full stop to all the doubts.

Here we are in July, signing a World Class Attacking player from a top club amidst interest from Liverpool and Juventus. And we beat Juventus because we could offer Sanchez and Barcelona a better financial package. Liverpool had an upper hand because of Suarez Transfer and still we beat them to Sanchez signing. Let that sink in.

We can now see that Arsenal knows how to plan meticulously and execute top transfers.We now know that Arsenal is capable of playing in the higher echelons of the transfer market.  If Ozil was the opening of the flood gates, Sanchez truly establishes Arsenal as a Top Club in the market again.


One aspect of the transfers that many are not discussing is the commercial benefit. With the World Cup in Brazil, the football craze in South America is at an all-time high and we have just signed the most bankable star of the Chilean National Team. It opens up an entire new market commercially as well as for transfers. Just like Manchester United opened up the Asian Market, We can just do the same for EPL in South America. Considering the amount of upcoming talent in Columbia, Chile and Costa Rica, Don’t be surprised if you see 1 or 2 more South Americans in the near future.

Vidal ? Rodriguez ?

On the Pitch

And now onto the most important part… On the Football Field..!!!

It is clear that with Sanchez Signing, Wenger is again going back to his more successful direct counter attacking fast football.  Ever since Fabregas left, there has been minor change and last season we saw Arsenal ready to sit back and hit on the counter. There is a reason why Wenger did not go for the tried and tested Fabregas and went instead for Pace, Power and Athleticism. With Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey and Ox, We will be one of the feared teams on the counter.  Days are not far when teams start panicking seeing our starting lineup.

Leaving you with this one..!!!!

Koscielny clears from the corner.. Falls to Ramsey .. And Suddenly there are 3 Arsenal Players on the Counter... Onto Ozil… He has Walcott on the right and Sanchez on the left… Sanchezzzzz…. Gooaaal…. And Arsenal win the League at Old Trafford…!!!!!!!

Good Days ahead..! COYG..!!!

Mean Lean's Response

Whatever happens to our trophy cabinet come the end of season 2014/15 I am looking forward to getting back to some speedy and entertaining football. We as Arsenal fans often said that it was only the result that mattered when we often grinded out a pretty bland 2-0 victory. Getting men behind the ball and waiting for Ramsey to grab the customary goal seemed like a successful game plan during the first half of last season but it was not the Arsène Wenger's Arsenal that I became accustomed to.

Forgetting the rest of the work that is likely to take place from now until the end of the window, just having Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott back will change everything and everyone. I expect to see far more goals similar to that of Lukas Podolski in the FA cup victory against Liverpool. Mesut Özil slipping in a fast runner, then the cut back and finish. We didn't see that too many times as we rarely had the pace or indeed desire to get behind our opposition. Alexis Sanchez provides this movement and so does Theo Walcott. Unfortunately Theo will not be ready for the season opener but I get the feeling we'll cope far better this time around.

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