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In that same season when ze Germans won the World Cup, I 'saw' a vision in the early hours of the morn after they lifted the trophy. O men and women of the English Premier League, hearken thou unto mine words for the vision pertaineth unto thee.

And I saw epic changes and power shifts across the isles of Britain, even to the north of Manchester and on the streets of London. For on the side of Manchester where the colour is red, a certain emperor called Louis van Gaal arose and ascended the throne of Old Trafford in succession of his ancestors, Ferguson and Moyes the Scots. And behold a new and powerful era thus began in that place due to the strong hands of Van Gaal who purchased powerful human weapons in the orders of Angel di Maria, Aturo Vidal and their ilks. And the terror of Van Gaal gripped all men both young and small in those days especially in the blue half of the city by reason of his powerful track record.

In the process of time, I also cast mine eyes to the west of London towards a certain arena called Stamford Bridge where a tough Portuguese gladiator called Jose and his Russian patron once held sway majestically. This Jose was known to be full of hubris heretofore, at different times in the past naming himself 'The Special One' and 'The Only One'. For he had won many coveted silverwares albeit these were metaphorically 'bought' by his Russian Oligarch patron whose free-flowing money helped to purchase football mercenaries who got paid with obscene wages. The men of Stamford Bridge never really had tradition, pedigree or noble history but oil money dictated things in those days.

But it came to pass that UEFA financial fair play rules began to catch up with Jose and he was being rendered ordinary, even demystified for he surprisingly went trophy- less in the year previous. His case was made more dire when the doping-esque donations of his Russian patron began to wane and the days of financial restrictions started to catch up on men who could not plan.

Then I saw a new kingdom emerge to the north of London even in a certain domain called Emirates Stadium by a clan known as Gunners. This kingdom is one steeped in class, noble heritage and tradition. For though it was temporarily dampened by financial issues in years bygone, it is a kingdom that delays gratification and plans wisely to build its future on solid foundations. And the seeds of its mature character began to yield wonderful fruits great and mighty in the process of time. For it won an awesome silverware called FA Cup at the battle of Wembley even in the season when a fine human specimen, Ozil, joined its ranks. And other exotic fruits appeared on the horizon of this kingdom with the awesome names of Sanchez, Khedirah, Schneiderlin, Debuchy and their ilks. For those are the days of great rewards for years of perseverance and noble character on the part of these Gunners. And as the star of this Emirates Stadium waxed greater and greater in the new season, the lot of Stamford Bridge began to wane into oblivion. This change of status and power shift kindled the wrath of the Portuguese gaffer at Stamford Bridge for his employment at west London became insecure as the Russian owner was known to readily dismiss his gladiators when they no longer impress. Whereupon, Jose 'Special One' Mourihno began to fret and wish he might corner the gallic king of Emirates Stadium, one Monsieur Wenger, in a dark alley to ask him, 'how dareth thee?'.

Lanre- Fasina

Mean Lean's Response

The number of changes should make for an interesting season ahead that's for sure. Chelsea will probably have to adjust the way they play with Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa joining them. Maybe they will be better equipped to break down defensive teams, a problem that effectively cost them the title last season.

Liverpool not only have to deal with losing the *second best player in the Premier League last season but they will also have to manage playing twice a week. With the amount of new players coming in, they might need an adjustment period.

Manchester United are the big unknown. Improvements on manager and new players coming in. With van Persie, Rooney and Mata to select from you can only see making strides forward especially as they do not have CL football to play. Their neighbours should be in good shape given how little has changed and they will know what their manager wants from the very start.

Then there is Arsenal. I cannot remember a time when we've been in such good shape and I don't expect Arsene to finish his spending just yet.

Sanchez alone will make ano almighty difference to how we play the game. Without a match winner as such we were a passing team that needing to rely on our passing to score goals, this is great when the team are clicking together but that is not always the case. It will be nice to have a player who will pick the ball up and skip past players at speed in the final third. He could become valuable in tight matches.

I just want the season to get underway now.

That's Why!

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more