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Hello fellow Gooners,

I wanted to write a brief article to discuss the recent and growing trend that seems to prevail on many websites and blogs whereby it has become so fashionable to slag all that is Arsenal.

As a life long Gooner there is a part of me that cannot entertain negativity about the team and the manager. That's love! However the more ambitious, demanding me, like many of you, periodically despairs at many things...our inability to ever quite get our act together and buy the players we all know we need, Arsene's stubbornness over certain things, his sentimentality towards certain players, my ever receding hairline which now seems to have slipped completely off my head and has taken up permanent residence on my shoulders and back.

However, I cannot believe the vitriol that emanates from so called fans who visit the emirates. Perhaps that is unfair....I imagine many have never even visited N5 let alone the stadium.

I see article and blog after blog, slagging everything Arsenal. The manager (who is peerless in Arsenal management terms), Özil's lack of effort (or 'obvious' desire to leave the club??), the formation, our tactics, the £3m that Kroenke 'stole', even the recent 'discovery' that 'Arsene didn't play Sanchez against the Spuds because he slows our passing game' etcetera etcetera.  There is no end to the diatribe that some supposed Arsenal blogs publish.

It staggered me recently that within days of the transfer window closing we are widely reported as supposedly 'in for x, y and z', when quite frankly during the window itself no one had a clue who Arsene was looking to buy! I despair at the rubbish written and the negativity it generates.

Don't get me wrong, as I say, some things could certainly improve and like most I very much hope the recent acquisitions will be bolstered further in January. Equally post match analysis to say Flamini should have been more aware.....Mert shouldn't have given him the ball.....or Sczenzny (never spell it right!) shouldn't have thrown the ball out to Mert in the first place, is fair and legitimate criticism.  But the anger and criticism has just gone way over board, sometimes you would think we languished nearer the bottom than the top of the league.

In my view all this serves to do is undermine the true reality of players contributions and performances. I think some bloggers would derive satisfaction from Arsenal failing in order to satisfy their own sense of self importance. The reality is that it damages the clubs reputation (I can't imagine how the 'next' Sanchez or Özil will assess the possible press they'll get if they are not banging in a hat trick every other game) and creates a press frenzy as more half witted journalists and media reporters, write and rewrite more negative articles in return for clicks, shares or likes. Even TV commentators regurgitate the rubbish that is pushed out.

It is about time there was an amnesty amongst our fan base and the so called Arsenal web sites and blogs who purport to support our beloved club.

The bottom line is Arsene is here for the next couple of seasons, the transfer window is shut until January and we have several players trying to establish themselves in the team or about to make a come back. We are where we are and it is about time all Gooners unified and simply got behind the manager, the team, the players and unreservedly supported them. There is a time for action or complaint but there is also an implicit obligation any true Arsenal supporter carries.....that is to put aside personal views, amateur assessments or ill conceived theories and SUPPORT his (or her!) team!

Mean Lean's Response

It's an interesting subject, one that will invoke plenty of emotion in many, perhaps defensiveness in those who feel justified in slamming any Arsenal player who isn't instantly setting the world alight. Aaron Ramsey the perfect example.

It doesn't take a great deal these days to push our home support out of the wrong side of bed. What we do know is that winning will satisfy football supporters, so let's hope that we get enough of those under our belt this season, enough to make it a very good season would be nice.

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  • 15 Sep 2015
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